15 Summer Worthy Haircut Trends

Written by Ashley Mishler

Summer hair is often thought of as pulled-back ponies, claw clips, and anything that will keep hair off your face. But the summer haircut trends for 2023 are more about staying fashion-forward while keeping it functional and seasonally appropriate. Scroll on for our favorite summer haircut trends and inspo to take to your stylist!

Summer haircut trends 2023 Hailey Bieber bob | Mane Addicts
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Summer Haircut Trends

Buzz It!

If you want to avoid summer hair woes, you’re in luck. The buzz cut is back in a big way. Take your lengths close to the scalp, leave it natural, or color it—either way, you’ll be trending.

Go Natural

Natural textures reign supreme in the summertime. Let your locks do their thing all summer with a cut that suits your natural texture. The afro, in particular, is having a moment.

The French Bob

The French bob is the ultimate “cool girl” hairstyle that will keep you cool throughout summer 2023. This chin-grazing haircut looks spectacular with a micro fringe or carved-out curtain bang.

Chic, Sharp Power Bob

The “power bob,” as it’s often called, is the super sharp, chic sister of the French bob, most recently popularized by Hailey Bieber. The biggest difference here is the finish. Think blunt ends, straight lengths, and a sleek center part.

Micro Fringe

Micro fringe and baby bangs are also back for summer 2023. Super short bangs tend to find their height in the hotter months because they allow you to rock a fringe while keeping your forehead relatively open.

Curtain Bangs

While curtain bangs may not be as short as a micro fringe, they are incredibly summer-friendly. Curtain bangs are typically on the longer side, which allows the wearer to pin them back, sweep them to the side, or tuck them behind the ears.

Mid-Length Crops

Mid-length cuts are also having a moment right now, especially with the curve cut trend making its rounds. The call for mid-length cuts makes sense for summer because they are still long enough to be pulled back but also short enough to wear down.

Go Extra Long

While it may seem counterintuitive, super long hair can also be summer-friendly, and because long hair is always trending, it makes sense to see it still reigning in 2023. If you go extra long, pack the elastics to create braids or ponytails on the hottest days.

The Shag

The shag haircut is still here for summer 2023. We don’t foresee this cut going out of style anytime soon, which is fine by us considering how flattering and body-building this look can be.

The Short Shag

The short shag or “baby shag” is a great choice for those who like the look of the traditional shag but prefer a shorter length. The short shag can border on mullet territory, so if that is not your thing, ask your stylist for something softer and less sharp.

Classic Pixies

The classic Vidal style pixie cut is seeing a resurgence this summer. This short, chic, and timeless look is an effortless way to stay on trend this summer.

Lots of Layers

With the '90s and aughts-inspired looks still trending, layers are the thing. No matter your choice of cut, your layers should abound. Think butterfly cuts, the U-shaped cut, the C-shaped cut, and the curve cut. Lots of layers and lots of face-framing.

Razored Lobs

Bobs are great, but not for everyone. The razored lob is trending again for those who want to try a shorter cut without fully committing to a sharper bob. Razoring is also a great cut technique for summer because it removes unwanted weight from the hair while providing a plethora of texture.

The Wolfette

The wolfette is the wolf cut’s softer sister. Still shaggy and packed with layers but less harsh around the face. The bangs are fuller and the length is a tad longer, but the overall “wolf shape” is still there. You can almost look at it like a grown-out wolf crop of sorts.

Curly Side Fringe

Finding the right fringe for curly or wavy hair can be tough, but the summer side fringe trend works perfectly for these textures. The key to making a summer side fringe work for curly locks is to carve out the shape according to how the hair at your hairline sits rather than using predetermined sections. This side fringe will be a godsend to curly girls all summer.

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