The Best Mullet for Your Face Shape

Written by Mane Addicts

When it comes to cut, face shape makes all the difference. This is especially true when opting for something as dynamic and dramatic as the mullet. You need to know the best mullet for your face shape before getting the chop. It takes serious skill to pull off summer’s breakout haircut and there are many directions a cute cut like this can take. Should you go long or short? Ultra-layered or just light and choppy? Blunt bangs or curtain fringe? It’s no surprise the answers to these questions largely depend on your face shape.

Whether you’re looking for the best mullet for an oval face, round face, square face, heart face, or diamond face, we’ve put together a guide to help you out. Find out which mullet works best for you below!

Oval Face Shape: Ultra-Layered

Lots of fringe and a chin-length crop is in your future if you have an oval face shape. A super layered look that accentuates the jawline is definitely the move. Something like Miley Cyrus’s top-heavy mullet is an excellent selection.

Round Face Shape: Soft Ends

Something softer would work well for a round-shaped face. Opt for wispy bangs and tousled texture like Rowan Blanchard’s iconic mullet-lob for features like this.

Heart Face Shape: Longer Locks

Highlight that lovely bone structure with a mullet on the long side. Heart-shape faces pair well with a past-the-shoulders shaggy aesthetic.

Square Face Shape: Short Fringe

Short fringe and long layers—what’s not to love? Not everyone can rock this daring aesthetic. But square faces can totally pull off this twist on the classic mullet.

Diamond Face Shape: Punk Pixie

Diamond-shaped faces pair well with pretty much everything. So go bold with your mullet! A highly layered, razor-sharp crop is your summer go-to.

Now that you know the best mullet for your face shape, HERE’S how to make it work for you!