This Genius TikTok Hack for Removing Small Rubber Bands From Your Hair Will Save Your Strands

Written by Ashley Locke

I know I’m not the only one who has a love-hate relationship with those small elastic hair ties. On the one hand, I’ve created some of the cutest hairstyles using them. And on the other, they’re a pain in the you know what to remove. They’ve caused more damage than my ex. So thank god for the TikTok algorithm blessing me with an ingenious hack on how to remove rubber bands from my hair without completely ruining them. I promise this way to remove elastic hair ties is going to save your strands from being destroyed by the pesky accessory.

How to Remove Elastics From Your Hair, According to TikTok

TikTok user Audrey Victoria was the first to share this TikTok hair hack just in time for summer. She first shows the damage removing a rubber band can cause. Then, she details the preventative trick she uses to ensure the elastics won’t ruin her strands. The secret? A little bit of your favorite oil or serum. Yes, it is that easy. In her video, Victoria coats the rubber bands in hair oil before tying them in her hair in order to easily remove them without ripping out her hair.

How I Removed Hair Elastics Using Argan Oil

Obviously, I had to try this for myself, because I wasn’t about to trust the experts. Who does that? Trust issues aside, I grabbed a few rubber bands and some argan oil to test this hack out myself. I put one rubber band in my hair and immediately regretted it, for I knew the damage that was about to be caused. When I slipped the oil-coated elastic into my hair, I noticed it was easier to even tie it into my strands. The oil worked as a nice lubricant while wrapping it around my single strand of hair.

But the moment of truth came when I had to remove them immediately after putting them in. As you would guess, the one without the oil drew out a few strands of hair when I pulled it out of my tresses. The one coated in the argan oil, however, didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this TikTok hair hack worked.

I will absolutely be using this nifty trick when creating my summer hairstyles this year. Here’s to no longer ripping out my hair while using elastic hair ties!

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