How TikTok's Latest No-Heat Styling Trends Can Work for Curly Hair

Written by Shawna Hudson

No-heat styling is all the rage on TikTok, and we’re here to tell you that yes, it can still work on even the curliest of hair. If you’ve been wondering how you can hop on a few of the platform’s latest heatless styling techniques and how well they can look on your curls, we’ll tell you. Read below for our tips on how to perform TikTok’s no-heat styling trends on your curls and coils!

Sock Curling

Although sock curling seems to work best on straighter hair types, you can still make it work for curls. First, it’s a good idea to know what your particular curl pattern is. This will help you use this technique in a way that’s fitting to your specific coils. If you have 2A to 3B curls, this method can add dimension and body to your natural texture. All this technique requires you to do is separate your hair into sections, weave a sock between two sections at a time and leave them overnight. You can use bobby pins to keep the socks in place. The result? Bouncy, gorgeous ringlets that just scream Negin Mirsalehi.

Now if you have tighter coils, don’t worry this method can still create a winning style. It adds curls for days and will almost create a mermaid wave effect. For extra hold, especially when styling curls on more curls, you’ll want to finish with a styling cream. Look for one that’s anti-frizz and provides a long-lasting hold.

Headband Curling

If the idea of using socks in your hair doesn’t exactly appeal, try the headband method instead. Users on TikTok are raving about this no-heat curling technique because it’s even more simple than the sock method. You start with a headband sitting firming around your forehead. You then take sections of hair and wrap them around the headband, one at a time. Once finished, it should almost look like an elegant, low bun.

This no-heat style creates more of a subtle wave and probably won’t work as nicely for thick hair. It is, however, a great option for those with finer, looser curls as it can give you a bit more body around the crown. It can really give 3A to 3B curls more volume and lift which pairs oh-so-well with a side part (just saying).

No Heat Straightening

Now that we’ve chatted about curling, let’s move on to no-heat straightening. TikTok has once again presented us with options for this trend. Disclaimer: This method will not give you pin-straight hair. It may just help loosen your current curl pattern if that’s something you want. That being said, try one of the two methods below.

With a Ribbon

Using a ribbon and wrapping it tightly around all of your curls will naturally pull them downwards. This can cause a light straightening effect if you’re looking to loosen your curls up just slightly. Start with damp curls and apply that leave-in generously. A good conditioning spray will help keep your curls from looking dry and frizzy once you take the ribbon out.

With Rolled Up T-Shirts

Another way to straighten out your locks sans heat includes using simple T-shirts. It’s definitely unconventional, but it 100% works. Roll up two T-shirts and tie them together with hair bands. Place the rolled-up shirts on top of your head and wrap your hair tightly around them. Thick-haired beauties might need bobby pins for extra security. Leave your hair up overnight and take it out in the morning for a fresh, looser look. Keep in mind, when trying this technique on curls, your hair won’t be super straight, but it can help loosen your curls a bit like the above method. Summer is the perfect time to give this trend a try—your curls may just turn into epic beach waves.

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