Hair Salon Etiquette 101: How to Show Respect in the Chair

Hair Salon Etiquette 101: How to Show Respect in the Chair

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Skipping your appointment is a major buzzkill. Your stylist wastes time, loses money, and gets put in a sticky situation altogether.

“When you miss an appointment, it throws a wrench in your stylist’s whole day,” says Los Angeles salon owner Gregga Prothero. “Show some love and give them a heads up at least 24 hours in advance if you can't make it.”

While you’ll want to meet your salon’s cancellation policy, if you don’t, you should expect to shell out some of your originally booked service.

“It’s really hard to enforce sometimes because of different situations, but as a client, the proper etiquette is understanding that the stylist lost income that day and it can’t be made up,” L.A.’s Salty Mane Studio owner Liana Mia says. “As a stylist, I understand it’s emotional and hard to charge in certain instances. Sometimes if I’m struggling with charging a client the cancellation fee, I’ll give them a credit if they rebook their appointment right away. Therefore I know I’m gonna get that client to come in. Sometimes I’ll do a one-time waived fee because it’s their first cancellation.”