In Case You Forgot, We've Got a Hair Care Brand—Get Reacquainted With Mane

In Case You Forgot, We've Got a Hair Care Brand—Get Reacquainted With Mane

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There has been a lot going on at Mane Addicts over the years, but the biggest by far was the launch of our hair care brand Mane. Jen Atkin (a.k.a. Mother Mane) wanted to launch a hot tools line way back in 2014. Cut to nine years later, Mane was born. And you all had a lot to do with it.

"After 14-plus years of styling and 2,567,837 convos—we hear you loud and clear. Expertly designed, affordable, and effective tools from a brand that values its community are non-negotiable. Now, we’re here to put the ‘care’ in hair care...and get you out the door faster. There’s power in these tools," Atkin shares of the inspiration for Mane.

Given Mane just turned one and launched in Sephora (both in stores and online), we wanted to give you a lil' refresher on the brand.

Get to Know Mane...Again

Back to the Beginning

Mane was created with the vision of making hair fun again. Their goal is to help you express yourself and enjoy the process by offering pro-level tools at a fair price.

The first ever product launched was the Triple Ripple Jumbo Hair Waver, which quickly became a fan favorite, award-winning tool. Next came the This Totally Blows! Ionic Compact Hair Dryer and then The Three Way Multi-Use Flat Iron. After that, it was the Handle with Curl 1.5” Curling Iron and the Let's Bounce 1" Curling Wand.

Aside from hot tools, Mane has a slew of accessories and merch worth stocking up on as well, including their award-winning (yes, another winner in the lineup) Ready or Knot Detangling Hair Brush.

Looking Good While Doing Good

Apart from creating hair tools, Mane was founded on the pillars of People, Planet, Paws. These foundations have led the brand to partner with Pact, a nonprofit focused on systemic change to reduce beauty and wellness packaging waste. Through this partnership, Mane created the first-of-its-kind hair tool recycling program. Pact will sanitize unused tools and send to Project Glimmer, an organization dedicated to ending gender and racial inequality for women and girls, for new life. All tools that are no longer in working condition are diverted from landfills and recycled.

Through the Paws pillar, Mane has partnered with Wags & Walks in the hopes of doing what they can to save our furry friends.

The Future Is Bright

With the expansion into Sephora (and brand new site—hello,, Mane isn't done making waves in the hair world. They launched The Power Bottom Interchangeable Base and styling attachments to simplify styling. Once you've got your supportive bottom, you can power up any attachment in the Mane lineup, including their current range: 1.25” Jumbo Hair Waver1” Curling Iron, and 1.25” Curling Wand

There is plenty more where that came from. Mane has plans to launch even more innovative tools and fun accessories so be sure to tune into their socials to stay up to date on all things Mane. 

You can shop the entire range of Mane products here!