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5 Blonde Hair Color Trends to Try This Spring

We’re all feeling a bit brighter these days. The Spring Equinox has come and gone and the sun is shining late into the evening (thank you, daylight saving time). So why not extend that cheery, lighter feeling into your hair color? Here are some of the hottest blonde hair color trends for spring to brighten up your 2022.

Expensive Blonde

While it may not look too pricey, this hue gives off major dollar-sign vibes. The expensive blonde trend is all about soft dimension. Wearable and super blended, this look is best achieved in the salon—which is where the name comes in. This flattering look boasts easy upkeep, but a skilled stylist to accomplish it. This color application uses hand-painted elements (think balayage), traditional highlights, and a knowledge of expert placement. Will it cost you? Sure. But is it worth it? Definitely.

The Money Piece

Ah yes, the money piece. You’ve likely seen this trend before, but she is still kicking and still looking fabulous. Because spring is all about lightness and brightness, adding a super blonde money piece to your hairline is a great way to stay on-trend. This color technique works with any hue, but there is something magical about the tonal contrast between blondes.

Lived-In Beach Blonde

“Lived-in” is a common style term for appearing low maintenance or more “natural.” This idea can be applied to your cut, color, or finish. When it comes to color, this lived-in blonde is all the rage for spring. The beachy, sunkissed tone and texture of this style give off major “cool girl” vibes and can be accomplished with any level of blonde. The key to keeping things natural is gradually brightening your color from root to tip, not a full-on ombré! But something more subtle and sunkissed.

Roasted Spring Honey

Honeyed hues have been a blonde’s best friend for some time, but this richer, toastier version is very 2022. As warmer tones take the crown, we’re seeing previously popular icy hues fade into the background. This particular roasted spring honey is a bit deeper than your traditional honey blonde. This hue can be easily achieved by adding a little depth to your existing tone.


Bronde is back, ladies! You may have seen this hair color trend, as it seems to pop up every other year, but this “not quite blonde, not quite brown” is making the rounds again. Warmer-hued like its expensive blonde sister, bronde is a bit bolder as this color trend embraces contrast. The best part of this hue? Screw the purple shampoo! You won’t need it for these golden tones.

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