NEED TO KNOW: From Blonde to Brown with Aura Friedman

Brunette Hair by Aura Friedman

Colder air brings darker hair. Apologies in advance to your weathered and worn blonde locks, we all know this season things are getting deeper and darker.

When platinum blonde Alex Brown found herself with roots that were becoming an issue, she decided it was time for a color makeover and it was only right that she see famed colorist Aura Friedman at the ever so ritzy Sally Hershberger Salon in LA. While Aura is widely recognized for her eclectic flare from sea foam green to pretty in pink to oil slick hair, she’s an expert at keeping any look organic by emulating nature.

Aura’s inspiration comes from everyday experiences such as haute couture, film, and art; enabling her to ever so perfectly transform Alex’s hair. All while simultaneously keeping in mind everything about Alex, from her eye color to skin tone to brow shades and personal style.

We tagged along for the dusty brown, light blonde ride and got the break down on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about embracing the winter weather with confidence by trading your flaxen mane for something richer.


Alex was originally platinum, when hair is platinum all the colors are missing. During the ‘stages of lift’ from brown to blonde colors were lightened out in a particular order, those colors need to be added back in the same order they were depleted. “If I just threw brown on top of what she had it would turn into a muddy grey brown,” shares Aura. And no one has time for muddy grey brown hair. Adding these tones provides for a fully body tone while also aiding in maintaining the color.


It isn’t enough to get a rich shade of brown with all the necessary added colors. You must have rich shades. And that’s still not all, no matter what color Aura is doing she always puts a darker color at the top and lighter color on the tips so that there is a gradation which results in a more natural and pretty finish.


You can style your rich mane, via highlights, to make your face look more chiseled and defined. “I also like to accent areas, eyes, or bone structure that are an asset and stand out. My goal is to always bring out the beauty and character of the person I’m working with,” she says. Which means we can quite literally sculpt our faces thanks to meticulously placed highlights and lowlights.


Just because you’re transitioning to what might be a lower maintenance mane, that doesn’t mean your hair care can start lacking. Going back to the salon two weeks after you’ve had your hair colored for a hair gloss does a number of wonders. It repairs your hair and combats previous damage. The additional layer richens the color, brings out shine, and helps the color last longer!

Are you going brunette for the new year? Let us know your #hairgoals in the comments below!

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