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A Blonde Transformation at 901 Salon

Do blondes actually have more fun? In our attempt to answer one of the most controversial hair questions in history, we conducted an experiment: We sent Simona Rozhko, one of our fav PR girls, to Nine Zero One, the West Hollywood salon famous for tending to the tresses of a cornucopia of celebs, where 901 stylist Morgan Parks took Simona’s brunette to blonde fantasy and made it a reality.

Before Color at 901 Salon

Having not touched her naturally honey brown hair for two years, Simona was ready to change things up for the new year. Despite her qualms about ruining her two-year virgin hair streak, Simona knew she was in good hands at 901, especially in the blonde category. “I have many friends and co-workers who go to 901 [and] it didn’t hurt that the gorgeous Emma Roberts was getting her hair done next to me, either.”

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Cell Phone Inspiration

So you’re ready to earn your Blondetourage badge, but how do you know what shade is right for you? In addition to keeping your personal style and makeup preferences in mind, Morgan says skin and eye color are key determinants in selecting the perfect shade: “Icier tones tend to complement lighter skin/eye colors whereas warmth complements those hazel/green eye colors and olive skin.”

After shampooing and lightening Simona’s base, Morgan applied Unite Argan Oil all over to hydrate her hair in preparation for highlights. Starting from the back forward, Morgan used a “foilayage” technique. She balayaged the hair inside of a foil to lift it to the proper amount while free-handing the highlights. Morgan tells us, “I emphasized the brightest pieces to be around her face and through the ends. Keeping the top crown area softly blended, I applied fine highlights, feathering them to the root to add dimension and create that ‘sparkle’ through the crown.”

Washing out Hair Color

Four hours later and Morgan’s magic touch yielded a baby-buttery blonde Simona, which inevitably put a huge smile on her face and warranted a giddiness over her locks à la Rosie HW.

Simona Evna Blonde Hair at 901 Salon

As for whether or not we found the answer to the question posed earlier, a newly-blonde Simona sheds some light: “You’ll have to make an appointment at 901 with Morgan and go blonde to find out how much fun we really have. I love the blonde color I have now and plan to embody it for a good while.”

Unite Hair Color Products

Below are the products Morgan recommends blondes use to keep their hair care on point:

Focus your hydration on treatments, whether it’s a weekly mask or an oiled up bun at the gym. Your hair “off days” should always be spent hydrating/recovering from those blowouts and waves you’ve practiced during the week.

Morgan’s go-to’s for doing just that:

For those ready to turn in their Blondetourage badge and join the Brunette Bunch, click here for everything you need to know about making the switch.

Photos by Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

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