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Ways to Use a Blowdryer That Don’t Involve Hair

The best thing about beauty tools and accessories is that they usually serve more than one purpose.

For example, bobby pins can be used for everything from applying eyeliner to tailoring pants. Another tool that you can get the most out of is your blow dryer. Both the cooling and heat settings can serve different purposes and help everything from your spray tan to your clothes.

Ahead, seven ways to use a blow dryer that aren’t for your hair.

Quick-Dry a Spray Tan

One of the most difficult things about getting a spray tan is waiting for it to dry. If you’re in a hurry but needed to get your tan on, you can quickly cut drying time by going over it with a blow dryer. Be sure to use the cool setting not to do any damage to your skin.

Quick-Dry Wet Nail Polish

Drying your nails at home can feel like an eternity. To get your manicure dry as quickly as possible, let your blow dryer do the job. Again, you’ll want to use the cool setting for this hack, because hot air doesn’t dry them as well.

Break-In Tight Shoes

If you just bought a new pair of shoes and needed help breaking them in, your blow dryer can help you out here too. Wear a pair of thick socks or two pairs of socks, and use your blow dryer on the heat setting to stretch them out. Manipulate your shoe by bending them and walking around to form better around the thick socks.

Dust Furniture

Dusting your furniture can be a pain, and you don’t always get rid of all the particles. Use your blow dryer to help lift and gather any dust from tough to reach areas. After that, grab your duster and proceed as usual. Your furniture will be left clean as new.

Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler

As useful as eyelash curlers are, they’re so much better when they’re heated. Give yourself the ultimate lash lift with a little heat from your blow dryer. Of course be careful not to place anything too hot on your eyes.

Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes

Sometimes an iron isn’t enough, and you might not always have a steamer lying around. You can get tough wrinkles out of your clothing with a blow dryer, which gives your clothes the effect of a steamer. Just spray a bit of water onto your clothes and get to work.

Warm Up Cold Bedding

Some people enjoy getting into cold bed sheets, and others do not. For the latter, your blow dryer can help get you to sleep comfortably. Just blow a generous amount of heat on your sheets until they’re as warm as you’d like.

[Lead image: @rarrarorro via Twenty20]

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