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Blue Crush: 5 Real-Life Surfer Girls with Hair that Rips

Surf Hair Beach Wave

Professional surfers are resident beach hair experts. After years and years in salt-water, they can take advantage of texture in ways we can only dream about. That’s not to mention the cali-blonde sun streaks and tanned, toned bodies. Here are 5 Real-Life Pro Surfers worth following for their hair alone.


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It's nice here.

A post shared by Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard) on

If surfing had a barbie, it would modelled after Alana. The Hawaiian native now models and designs swimsuits for Rip Curl. 


Surfing’s sweetheart and Honolulu native Coco Ho is known her thick, salty hair. She  recently went short(er) at the hands of Mahina Boersma.


2 time world champion and color chameleon Kelia Moniz is known as ‘Sister’ in the surfing world. We’re thinking, Sister with the good hair.


Representing the east coast, Montauk, NY native Quincy Davis has the epitome of beach babe waves and the sea salt spray, is actually just salty sea spray. Goals.


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Breezy 📸 @traviskuhlman

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Another Hawaiian, 20 year old Alessa Quizon has the perfect, volumous blonde/brunette blend & the surf prowess to back it up.

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