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It’s Official: Brunettes Should Be Using THIS Shampoo

By now you’ve definitely heard of the benefits blondes get from using purple shampoo. It’s only normal for color-treated hair to experience unwanted undertones after a while, and the best thing you could do is attempt to preserve it. Brunettes typically notice brassy undertones in colored hair, ranging from oranges to reds and the last thing anyone wants is for this brassiness to become noticeable and take away attention from the original dye job. Blue shampoo works exactly like purple shampoo utilizing the rules of the color wheel. Because blue is the opposite of orange, the color of the shampoo cancels out the opposite tones in your hair and neutralizes the orange hues by maintaining the deeper chocolatey color the hair is meant to have.

Another good thing to note is that natural brunettes can benefit from the powers of blue toning shampoos as well. While those with color-treated manes get to maintain their deeper shade, those with virgin hair will be left with a glossier, shinier finish than before. These can be used once to twice a week for those trying to keep their hair the darkest it can be. You’ll see more blue toning shampoos on the market now, and we’ve rounded up our go-to picks for you to try. Keep on reading for the ones to shop from your favorite brands.

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[Lead Image:  @carissaranee via Twenty20]

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