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This Men’s Salon is Making it Chic for Your S.O. to Get Groomed

Your significant other has come a long way.

From not washing his face to using moisturizer and maybe sunscreen if you’re lucky. It’s time you help him usher in a new era and this chic men’s salon will help you get there. No more $20 haircuts at a strip mall – here is why Boardroom is the next grooming appointment you need to schedule for him.

via Boardroom

Boardroom Salon for Men has locations all over the country and has been around for years. Opened in 2004, it’s become the bonafide leader in quality grooming. They have an experienced staff that provides men with haircuts, shaves and spa services like facials and waxing.Their marquee services like haircuts have various tiers and start at a very reasonable $45 for adults. Kids enjoy special pricing of $35 per cut.

via Boardroom

Boardroom’s mission is to help men feel relaxed, look great and feel confident. They achieve this by providing an unparalleled ambiance. Rich woods cover the walls and quality leather chairs are available for seating. Some locations have accouterments like pool tables that help visitors forget they are there for a haircut and instead feel like they are visiting a country club.

Now that you’ve splurged on your SO, HERE are the products you need to snag for yourself.

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