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A Definitive Guide to Every Bob Haircut Trend

The short hair inspiration is going strong in the new year. From rounded ’90s classics to sprite-like page boy aesthetics, countless bob haircuts are making their way to the forefront of the beauty industry. Celebrities like Sarah Hyland have already taken the plunge, sheering off long locks in favor of something chin-length. We recommend you do the same. Looking to lose some length this winter? Here’s our guide to every 2022 bob haircut trend.

1. Boy Bob Haircut

The ultimate 2022 trend, the boy bob is all about natural texture. Lived-in waves and a laid back aesthetic takes this blunt cut to the next level.


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2. Stacked Bob Haircut

Looking for something edgy for February? A stacked bob lets you rock the short hair trend but keep a little length towards the front in a daring way.


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A post shared by James Oxley (@jamesoxleyhair)

3. Sliced Bob Haircut

A razor sharp edge is always a nice touch. The sliced bob adds just a touch of texture to a chic straight cut.

4. Mod Bob Haircut

Updated retro aesthetics are 2022-approved. Smooth and sculpted, the mod bob is adaptable and understated.


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5. Bixie

Who isn’t here for the bixie? With trendsetters like Florence Pugh and Alyssa Cosarelli taking note, this overgrown pixie will be popping up everywhere this year.


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6. Shaggy Bob Haircut

Taking the shag into 2022. This layered and light take on a mid-neck length bob is ideal for winter.


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7. Octopus Cut

Kaia Gerber is giving an expert example of this highly layered look. With tentacle-like pieces and a feathered fringe to boot, the octopus cut is a must.

8. ’20s Chic

Sarah Hyland is taking this trend on full-force. Short fringe with a chin-length (or shorter) crop is just the thing to kickstart your new year.


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9. ’90s Bob Haircut

Side-parted, shoulder-length, and rounded on the ends, the ’90s bob haircut is truly timeless. Major cool-girl points for the stellar cut.

10. Skater Bob Haircut

The skater bob is a 2022 bob haircut trend we’re absolutely obsessed with. Calling back to ’90s skater culture, this blunt cut is just the edge you need to feel like a new person.

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