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8 Ways to Rock Boho Braids

Boho is the fairytale category of hairstyles. We can picture princesses from a bygone era sporting these romantic braids, with or without baby’s breath weaved through. There’s no style better suited for spring and summer, which is why we’re gathered here today to honor the whimsical boho braid. The prettiest inspo is right here so scroll below!

Fishtail Flowers Boho Braids

Adorn a fishtail braid with an elegant mini bouquet. No need for perfection, stray hairs make it all the more boho.

Three in One

We’re living for this half-up half-down bubble, fishtail boho braid wonder.

Braided Crown

Step into boho braid territory with this twisted crown style.

Jeweled Accent Boho Braids

Dainty pearls and a bit of bling accent this voluminous and relaxed yet intricate braid.

Boho Braids With Roses

Delicate roses direct the eye, making this brunette boho braid pop.

Enchanted Hues

Go full on English garden and dye your hair a color inspired by your favorite flower.

Give Us Butterflies

Need we say more? To tone down a potentially overwhelming accessory, opt for a muted tone (even better if it perfectly matches your hair color).

Side Braid Split

Create a smaller side braid that blossoms into a main braid.

Boho braids not your thing? Check out our guide to every type of braid to find one that better suits you HERE!

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