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I Tried Plant-Based, Natural Hair Care Brand Bomba Curls—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

After going without a snip for a while in 2020, I decided to roll with it and fully commit to growing out my highly textured locks. To speed up this process, I enlisted the help of a few high quality, plant-based products.

If you’re in the same boat and have been looking for curl-specific products designed to inhibit sustainable hair growth, Bomba Curls might have just what you need. I tried the brand’s Grow With Bomba bundle and am here to report my experience. Scroll through below for my honest thoughts.

Forbidden Hair Mask

I received the brand’s bundle which consisted of the Forbidden Hair Mask, Forbidden Oil and Bomba Beauty Bites (hair growth vitamins). I wanted to discuss the mask first because, honestly, wow. They weren’t kidding when they touted this as an advanced deep conditioning treatment. As a curly girl, I’ve sometimes found that certain deep conditioning treatments only coat strands instead of penetrating. This can be a problem for textured locks because they require more moisture than other hair types.

Let’s just say this frustration was completely eliminated once I used this hair mask. I applied it three times a week after shampooing and noticed a difference in my curls after just a few uses. If your hair has been damaged by chemicals or heat over the years, this mask is for you. Containing ingredients like cinnamon extract, turmeric, pistachio oil and Cupuacu butter, you know you’re getting serious moisture. I could tell this formula was designed to deeply penetrate because my strands felt soft and had extra spring to them for days after using it.

Forbidden Hair Oil

Next, I incorporated the brand’s Forbidden Hair Oil into my routine. I used this a bit more often than the mask as hair oils are great to use in between wash days. In terms of hair growth, I think this is the product that gave me the best results. It’s packed with antioxidants and stimulates growth at the root using black cumin seed and castor oil.

When I began using this, my strands were an awkward length, thanks to my grown out lob. After a few weeks of use, they’re just a little past shoulder length. I’m definitely not sporting crazy, waist-length tresses just yet, but I do think the products helped add much-needed strength and moisture. My hair was already feeling hydrated AF after using the mask, but the oil also added an extra layer of luscious.

Bomba Beauty Bites

I’ll admit, I’m always a bit wary of things like gummy vitamins. As someone who also has a huge passion for herbalism and plant medicine, I don’t think they have much real nutritional value, TBH. I did give them a shot, but it’s hard to say if they really helped boost growth. They do contain ingredients like biotin and folic acid and may work well for some if taken for a longer period of time. The flavor was delicious, but it’s definitely hard to say if they did much for me. Overall though, I loved this bundle. The oil and mask were incredible and I would recommend them to anyone with curls who wants moisture and growth.

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