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BOSTON: Shag Salon

Every city has it’s quintessential street. In New York, there’s 5th Avenue, in LA it’s Rodeo Drive, but in Boston, everyone knows Newbury Street. However, when digging deep into the historical city to find the “best of the best” in the hair world-we found Shag, surprisingly far from Newbury Street. You can find this gem across the bridge in South Boston.

shag boston salon

The salon of wonder is located in a warehouse-like building complete with high ceilings, spacious rooms, tall bay windows, and smooth wood floors. With an eclectic style and succinct aesthetic appeal, Sandy Poirier, a celebrity stylist and photographer, is the owner and mastermind behind the hair hot spot.

shag boston salon

Inside, expect to find an array of your favorite hair care brands including Oribe, Davines, Olapex, and Smith & Cult (to name a few).


It’s the “creativity and talent of the staff” that Mr. Poirier cares about mostly, as Shag Boston assigns new visitors to the best stylist for their unique hair texture and style upon appointment reservation.


Overall expect to find an inviting space that prides themselves in their ability to “treat everyone equal, [high] customer service, quality, and making them feel important.” We’ll go to Shag Bostonany day!


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