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Celebrity Hairstylist Jill Buck Explains What to Do If You Botch Your DIY Haircut Amid Quarantine

Personally speaking, we don’t see haircuts for women as necessities during quarantine. With all the ways you can put your hair up or accessorize with hats and scarves, concealing a grown-out ‘do is fairly easy.

Yet, as you’ve seen on Instagram, heard from your friends, or, quite possibly know firsthand, the quarantine DIY ‘do is pretty popular. Whether taking on the expertise of a professional hairstylist from afar, or following directions on YouTube, for better or worse, people are going haircut happy.

But unfortunately, not all of these self-made snips have resulted in pleasant outcomes. We reached out to Nine Zero One’s Joico Celebrity Stylist Jill Buck, who breaks down what to do if you botch your DIY haircut amid quarantine. Keep reading for what she had to say—and, as she puts it with a chuckle, book an appointment with your hairstylist as soon as you can!

Step 1: Don’t panic! Unless you shaved your head, it’s fixable.

Step 2: If you cut a blunt harsh line into your hair, the best remedy is to soften the line. Take your scissors and hold them vertical (not horizontal) and cut small angles into the ends. This will help the ends come to a triangle shape instead of a square shape. Be careful not to cut more length! Then let it grow.


Step 3: If you’ve used clippers and find you have a very heavy line between the top and sides, use the attachments to help blend and work in one-inch sections up the head. The small lever on the side of the clipper will help adjust the lengths as well.

Are you struggling without a haircut amid quarantine? HERE are Sally Hershberger’s tips for minimizing your need to snip!

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