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It’s Botticelli Bob Summer—Here’s How to Get The “It” Short Style

Ah, the Botticelli bob. We can almost feel the summer breeze flowing through our soft ringlets now. This romantic and flattering cut is also the style of the season. Move over hot girl summer, it’s 2022 and we’re feeling whimsical.

We reached out to Sebastian Professional International Stylist Anthony Cole, who created a step-by-step guide for how to achieve the effortless, wavy look seen on celebrities like Laura Harrier and Kristen Bell for his totally re-creatable how to. See how to achieve the Botticelli bob hairstyle below!

How to Create the Botticelli Bob

You don’t have to be a Renaissance artist to craft the perfect wavy bob. Here’s how Cole structures the tousled style in four easy steps and with no heat.

Step No. 1: Prep

Prep the hair with Sebastian Professional No.Breaker for damage repair and volume and Sebastian Professional Potion 9 for moisture.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Step No. 2: Braids

Cole suggests creating two or three braids, depending on your hair thickness. They don’t have to be French braids either, they can be regular three-strand braids.

Step No. 3: Sleep

Yep, that’s right, the next step is to sleep. Sleep in the braids overnight to allow them to work their magic. If you don’t have that type of time, you can heat them with a hair dryer or flat iron, let them cool, then take them out. Be sure to prep your braids with Sebastian Professional Trilliant beforehand.

Step No. 4: Brush

If you were able to sleep in your braids, the next step after you wake up is to take them out and gently brush through them with your fingers.

The Botticelli bob isn’t the only hair trend we’re loving this summer. HERE is a complete guide to every bob haircut trend this year!

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