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The Perfect Bottleneck Bangs for Your Face Shape and Hair Type

Bottleneck bangs have quickly dethroned curtain bangs as the fringe trend of the moment. They’re the talk of the town and on everyone’s mane, including some of our fave A-list celebs like Lily Collins, Margot Robbie, and Dakota Johnson. Chances are you’ve thought about trying the bangs on for size yourself. We strongly encourage you to do so, but before you get the fringe, we wanted to offer some guidance on the best bottleneck bangs for you. So, we reached out to Tom Smith, leading hairstylist and International Creative Director at Evo. The man who predicted the fringe trend shared the perfect bottleneck bangs for your face shape and even your hair type. Discover which type of bangs you should sport below!

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Your Hair Type

Before trying on any trend, it’s always important to consider your hair type. This is especially true when it comes to bangs. Whether you have straight or kinky hair, you can rock bottleneck bangs. Tom shares the best way to do so for various hair types below.

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Straight Hair

Tom shares that “straight hair types can wear bottleneck bangs well, but care should be taken to ‘carve’ into the shape to encourage movement so they don’t look too flat.” This means you should “ask your stylist for a choppier textured result and consider styling them with a round barrel brush to encourage lift and body.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Wavy Hair

Bottleneck bangs for practically made for wavy hair types. They suit your natural texture the best, after all. To get the bangs, Tom notes that “wavy hair should be treated with respect and cut ‘with’ the texture of the hair rather than against it, using the natural waves of the hair to guide the different layers in the bang.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Curly Hair

As with most curly cuts, the key is to cut your coils in their natural texture (aka dry). If the bangs are cut when your hair is straight or wet, there’s a good chance they won’t turn out as you had hoped. “I would cut the curls individually to gradually shape the correct face-framing bottleneck bang shape,” shares Tom.

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Kinky Hair

Yes, even those with kinky curls can get on the bottleneck bang trend. Yours will take their own unique shape. “Instead of focusing on the curve of a bottleneck, consider a smoother semicircle-shaped curve that frames the face across the forehead or a deep upside-down V-shape that parts in the middle and angles down towards the jaw,” notes Tom.

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Thin Hair

If your hair tends to be somewhat fine or thin, Tom shares that your “bang section can start from further back, helping to add more hair into the bang.” He does note to “take care not to remove too much thickness from the front sides of the hair in front of the ear” so you don’t have more bang than you bargained for.

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Thick Hair

Those with thicker hair can stick to the tried and true bottleneck bang shape, though Tom says you’ll want “to ‘slice’ and personalize the shape after the initial length has been cut. This gives the softness and texture that makes the bang so popular.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Coarse Hair

For coarse hair types, it all comes down to styling. “The challenge here is product choice,” says Tom. “In coarser hair types, a heavier cream-based product is very useful to add definition. However, when hair sits on or near the face it tends to get oily faster and so styling the hair smooth with a blow dryer or gently with a straightening iron can be a better way of smoothing coarse hair.” He notes that a “wax-based texture spray (such as Evo Shebang a Bang) helps to tame coarseness or fluffiness without adding too much weight or oil.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Your Face Shape

Another thing to consider before trying this trend is your face shape. Using Tom’s suggestions as a guide, you’ll be able to find a pair of bottleneck bangs that look absolutely stunning on you.

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Round Faces

“A bottleneck bang can really flatter a round face by covering part of the widest part of the face,” Tom says. “If the face feels heavier at the jaw, consider leaving the longest parts of the bang around this length rather than taking them closer to the cheekbone.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Diamond Faces

Diamond face shapes tend to have very defined cheekbones. Tom shares that “in order to not make the cheekbones wider, the bang should sit heavier on the forehead and curve around to sit on the cheekbones to help slim them.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Heart-Shaped Faces

Bottleneck bangs will really complement this face shape by softening and covering the wide forehead. “Take care that the longest part of the bangs does not sit near the jaw,” says Tom. He suggests you “keep them closer to the cheekbones to open a narrow jaw area.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Oval Faces

Oval face shapes are lucky in that nearly every hairstyle looks great on them, even bottleneck bangs. Tom shares that with this face shape, you’ll want to personalize them to draw attention to your best features. “A person who takes pride in their brows may choose a shorter central part so as to frame them,” he shares. “Someone who wants to encourage a contoured cheekbone will ensure the longest parts of the ban are soft and wispy and sit above the cheekbone to help enhance them, rather than longer or heavier which may cover them.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Square Faces

The great thing about this bang style, Tom points out, is that it “can effectively soften the corners of a square face by creating curves over a wide forehead.” He encourages you “consider allowing the longest parts of the bang to open around the cheekbone and flow around to an additional layer around the jaw to help soften a square jaw. Styling the bangs with more bend, curve, and texture will also be effective at softening a strong square face.”

Best Bottleneck Bangs for Rectangle Faces

Rectangle face shapes tend to be somewhat tall, which is why Tom suggests you focus on creating width. “More focus on a heavier, shorter part of the bang will close in a high forehead and be sure to keep the flowing angle wider to open up the mid-face rather than too narrow which would further slim a narrow face.”

How to Cut Bottleneck Bangs

Whether you’re a hairstylist or feel inclined to create this chop yourself, Tom shared a helpful how-to video on cutting bottleneck bangs. It’s the tutorial we’ve all been waiting for. Bookmark it now!

After you get the bangs, you’ll need to learn how to style them. THIS is how we’re styling our new bottleneck bangs!

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