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Here Comes the Bottleneck Bob, Just in Time for Summer

Warmer weather and shorter haircuts go hand in hand, this year more than any other. Between the boy bob, the ’90s lob, and the bixie, there are almost too many bob trends to keep tabs on in 2022. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to add another stellar style to that list: the bottleneck bob haircut. Named for the signature fringe aesthetic, this tapered but textured short hair look is making waves in a major way. See for yourself below. Here are five bottleneck bobs we’ll be seeing everywhere this season.

1. Bottleneck Lob

Yellowjackets star Ella Purnell is pulling off bottleneck fringe seamlessly. Coupled with this textured wavy lob, the actress’s cut is giving serious summer vibes.


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A post shared by Ella Purnell 🌻 (@ella_purnell)

2. Classic Bottleneck Bob

Lucy Hale has mastered this trend. Her tapered fringe pairs perfectly with a classic, chin-length bottleneck bob.

3. Bottleneck Bixie

What’s better than one cool short hair trend? Two of course. The bottleneck bob haircut and the bixie are definitely not mutually exclusive.


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A post shared by Tatchi (@tringsby)

4. Super Blunt Bottleneck Bob

This soft fringe moment actually looks amazing when paired with an edgy crop. Bottleneck bangs are the perfect accent to a blunt bob.

5. Grown Out

This bob is grow out approved. You can easily take a super short bob into a mid-length cut with this face-framing fringe.


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A post shared by Brent Basore (@brentdanielbasore)

Not quite ready to go all the way with this bob? You can still get the feel with bottleneck bags. Discover the best fringe for your face shape and hair type HERE!

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