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I Finally Found the Secret for Sexy At-Home Waves

The road to compliment-worthy curls has been long and arduous for me.

It hasn’t been until recent years—with the development of life-changing keratin treatments and finding a hairdresser who actually knows how to cut my hair type correctly—that I’ve called hair my best accessory. Growing up, I had unruly waves. They were all over the place. No amount of brushing or chemical treatments would ever give me the stick-straight hair all the popular girls at school had.

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I know that sounds silly, but seriously, I was in the thick of my education during an era before even the most modest of flat irons came into the picture. Blow driers did exist, but don’t think for a second they were powerful enough to take on my heavy-duty locks. There were no “trendy” hairdressers, no game-changing shampoos, or other hair products (unless V05 gel was your thing). Everyone dyed their hair out of a box or got thick, stripey bleached highlights. Disaster.

It wasn’t until college that I was influenced by a fellow wavy-haired peer to wear my hair au-naturel with the help of this creamy Bed Head product that was semi-popular at the time. This girl managed to make her curls super bouncy and flirty, and I wanted to emulate her look so bad. That was more than a decade ago, and truly the last time I really played up my natural waves.

Enter: Bounce Curl

Even though the girl from college had enviable curls, I would have worn my hair straight all along if I had the means. This was still years before my beloved keratins came into the picture. Even when I did flat iron my hair with a respectable tool, it either wouldn’t hold or would become too greasy. Regardless, I continued opting for poorly straightened hair as opposed to enhanced natural curls. The straightening efforts continued from then all the way to now (a time in my life when I can confidently wear my hair stick-straight from day to night). The style has become synonymous with my present-day appearance, and with the proper tools and stylists at my fingertips, the look hasn’t done me wrong in years. Nowadays, if I do wear my hair curly, it’s by way of a curling iron post-flat ironing—never air-dried.

A few weeks ago, a rep for Bounce Curl reached out and asked if I wanted to review their products for Mane Addicts. I thought it sounded fun, seeing as I hadn’t played up my natural waves in years. On the rare current occasion that I’m fresh from the shower and let my hair air dry, it results in a big, discombobulated mess.

The next thing I knew, a huge package chockfull of products appeared on my doorstep. I had no idea I was in for such a big treat. They sent me their entire collection, which was overwhelming (in a good way), to say the least. It even came with the brand’s special tea and vitamins! There’s a very brief quiz online you can take to see which products are the best fit for you. It’s true what they say on their site: Not all curly hair is the same. Their products are fit for wavy, curly, and kinky hair, individually.

My hair is coarse and wavy, with split, dry ends. When my array of products arrived, I began with Vitamin Enriched Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo in medium moisture ($19.99), and paired it with Vitamin Enriched Super-Smooth Cream Conditioner ($19.99), which detangles, hydrates, prevents breakage, and nourishes. Fresh from the shower, I applied Light Creme Gel with aloe vera and nigella sativa ($17.99) to the middle of my head and down, scrunching away just like old times in junior high. I topped it off with a very concentrated dab of Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define Cream ($23.99). As the label notes, a little goes a long way.

The Results and My Bounce Curl Review

What resulted were sexy waves that gave even this Adidas jacket I wore that night some added oomph. There was still a little frizz at the top as you can see, but overall I liked the look’s playfulness. I did a little bathroom photoshoot (gotta love the facial expressions), posted to my Instagram Story (just after posting a throwback of me with stick straight hair so people could see the difference), and I received a slew of praise for the waves. People couldn’t fathom the lengths I’ve been going to flat iron my hair almost every day when I could be wearing my mane like I did that night. Most people who replied encouraged me to make this a regular thing.

Following a night of sleep and a morning of working out, I can’t say my picture-perfect ‘do held up throughout, but I proceeded to throw it up in a ponytail in the afternoon and I think it looked cute and made me feel young.

Overall, I still like the sleek sophistication of a stick-straight ‘do. I think straight hair is perfect for an interview or a first date. But on days when I don’t feel like getting all dolled up for work, or on Sundays when I’m running errands or keeping it casual with friends, there’s no reason not to explore this look. It was a lot of fun changing it up, and the more I play with it, the more comfortable I’m sure I’ll become!

Want to know how I learned to curl my hair like a celebrity hairstylist? Find out HERE!

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