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This Is the ONLY Time It’s Okay to Box Dye Your Hair, According to Nine Zero One’s Nikki Lee

We understand that the novel coronavirus has put quite the dent in everyone’s once-normal doings.

Seven months deep into this pandemic, most of us are finally getting back into the swing of our routines. But there are indeed some people who still don’t feel comfortable hitting the salon. Additionally, with unemployment at an all-time high, a $100+ color treatment understandably might not be a priority.

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So, should you head to the hair aisle of your nearest grocery store? Absolutely not, says Garnier Brand Colorist Nikki Lee of West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One salon. Unless you’re using box dye to cover grays, don’t even think about swooping up one of those products.

Now, if indeed you need that box for the right reason, keep reading for Nikki’s tips on how to use it effectively.

Mane Addicts: What are 3-5 major tips to successfully applying box dye to your hair? 

Nikki Lee: Focus on the regrowth only. Color only where grays are coming through at the root. Never pull through the ends. Selecting the right shade for a simple touchup is also important.

MA: What makes one brand of box dye better or worse than another? 

NL: Some at-home colors contain henna or metallic dyes which can be extremely difficult to remove from the hair. Steer clear of these.

MA: Are there specific box dyes you recommend? 

NL: My favorite is Garnier Nutrisse. There are over 77 shades in the line, so there’s a shade for everyone. It also nourishes while it colors, so your hair is soft and manageable after coloring.

If you’re using box dye to cover grays, you definitely need to use one of THESE Instagram captions to show off the process.

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