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Update Your Boxer Braids With a Fishtail

If there’s one trend that’s held steady over the last few years, it’s the boxer braid. If you love the look but want to add an eye-catching update, finish your style with a fishtail. The boxer braid fishtail is the perfect twist on the classic style, and takes any ‘do to new levels of mermaid. To find out how to DIY, we turned to Naeemah LaFond, Global Artistic Director at amika for her expert steps.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

(image via Pinterest)


Step 1:

Apply Heat Defense Serum ($30, loveamika.com) to help detangle the hair.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 2:

Create a clean center part.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 3:

Apply Haute Mess Texture Gel ($24, loveamika.com) to base of hair at the parting and hairline, then brush hair towards its respective side.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 4:

Starting at the very front of the hairline, begin to braid the hair into a cornrow by dividing the hair into three small sections. Pass the right section under the middle section, and then the left section under the middle section, while adding hair into each before bringing it under.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 5:

Continue braiding, adding in larger sections as your progress down the braid.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 6:

End your cornrow about two inches past the nape of the neck, and then split the three sections of the original braid into to two equal sections to begin your fishtail. To create the braid, take a small section from the back of the left section and bring it to the front to combine it with the right side. Take a small piece from the back of the right side and bring it to the front and combine with the left side. Fishtail down through the lengths of the hair.

Pro tip: Naeemah varies the style between a super tight fishtail to a looser fishtail, to create inconsistencies for a more relaxed look.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 7:

Depending on the hair length, finish the braid several inches above the ends of the hair. Secure the end of the braid with a small clear elastic.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 8:

Wrap a small piece of the hanging hair around the elastic to conceal it.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 9:

Add some texture to the fishtails by massaging the braids and pulling at them from the sides.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Step 10:

Use a 25mm wand to curl the ends of the hair and apply Un.Done Texture Spray ($24, loveamika.com) to those ends to create a bit of separation and to add a matte finish.

Boxer Braids Fishtail

Boxer Braids Fishtail

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