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MANESPIRATION: 5 Tumblr-Inspired Braid Hairstyles For Fall

tumblr inspired braids

Summer days will soon be over, so now is the time to reinvent your style and wardrobe for the autumn season. While you pick out your new oxfords, dark lip shades, and earth-tone nail polish, don’t forget about your mane! Your hair deserves just as much of a seasonal change as the rest of your style. Braids are a Fall classic  for sure, but they can get a little boring, so we scoured through the treasure trove of all innovative and twisty hairstyles — Tumblr — to get some inspirational ideas. See our faves below!


jumbo braids tumblr

The bigger the braids, the more they bring the drama! We love this glam cool-girl look style.

Spotted at: Bronze Velvet



way cornrows tumblr

For days when you’re short on time or just can’t decide whether to go big or small.

Spotted at: Exquisite Eye



ombre braid tumblr

The perfect way to spice up a classic braid.

Spotted at: She Monster Face



bobbed box braid tumblr

Who says box braids always have to be so long and dramatic? Keep it chic and short for the Fall!

Spotted at: Black Girls R Pretty 2



reverse french braid tumblr

Why not keep your mane off your face with this simple, edgy take on a standard French braid.

Spotted at: Naturally Stunning Hair  


What’s your favorite tumblr for #manespiration? Let us know in the comments!

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