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The Coolest Ways to Pierce Your Braid

Remember the thrill of getting a new piercing? Turns out you don’t need to alter your body to get the same feels. Braid piercing is pain-free and easily mom-approved. There are tons of options for tackling this cool girl trend, which immediately elevates every braid to indie darling status. See below for our definitive inspo guide to braid piercing, no trip to Claire’s required.

Crop Circle

We love hoop earrings in all forms, especially when threaded through our locks. This adds texture and believable depth to any style.

Intertwined Tassels

A messy braid is offset by tassels, which bring out the geometric pattern of this seemingly effortless look.


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Hoop Dreams

Rings don’t require a pattern—place them randomly for a fun take on the style.

Single Strand

Keep it neat to show off all your charms.

Super Size

Experiment with multiple sized rings to alter the focus of your style—think, super chic optical illusion.


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Play With Placement

Pierce just a section of your hair to make smaller braids pop.

Surprise Rings

Give the people an unexpected surprise by stacking some piercings in the back of your head.


This style is pretty much a corset for your hair—a line of jewels seals the deal.

Delicate Accent

Want to standout during wedding season? It’s this easy. Subtle rings are the perfect adornments for any up-do.

Charmed Life

Have some fun by adding multiple charms throughout your braids.


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Braided Tendrils

Play up this ’90s comeback trend with some piercings.


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Playful Pearls

Pearls add a touch of elegance to the piercings, don’t you think?

Written in the Stars

Get celestial with your piercings by tossing in a few star charms.

Braid piercings are proof anything can be a hair accessory. Need more examples? Check out THESE unconventional hair accessories popping up everywhere!

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