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The Braided Hairstyle You Should Rock on Thanksgiving, According to Your Hair Type

Thanksgiving is hands down the perfect time for love, gratitude, and most importantly, serving. Although it’s essential to serve in a larger sense, it’s equally as critical to serve up looks at the dinner table, right? These elegant braided ‘dos will help you do exactly that on the holiday. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or extra coiled strands, scroll through below for the braided hairstyle you should wear on Thanksgiving, according to your hair type.

Curly Hair: Braided Bun With a Scarf Woven Through

Curls are polished and opulent on their own, but weaving a silky scarf into the mix makes it an exquisite style your fam will definitely appreciate. Pulling out a few strands here and there will accentuate your curls and frame your face. We suggest a bright-colored scarf for a little extra pop.

Wavy Hair: Loose, French Braided Ponytail

A loosely french-braided, long ponytail is the way to go for those with wavier hair. A ponytail style highlights longer tresses and allows for your fall balayage to truly have a moment. It’s also about time you upped your scrunchie game and went for an ultra-cute leopard one to tie it off.

Straight Hair: French Braid With a Fishtail at the End

Hold on, a french braid intertwined with a fishtail? It’s unheard of, yet iconic. Many with stick-straight hair who are looking to jazz it up this holiday should opt for this finely-crafted pony. It’s unique, whimsical, and keeps hair out of your face while you stuff it.

Kinky Hair: Small, Braided Pigtails

We adore tiny, tight coils, so why not accentuate them with small, braided pigtails? Let the rest of your mane fly free for a tousled, lioness vibe. This look works especially well with fiery hair colors like orange or bright red.

These braided styles are perfect for Thanksgiving, but THESE gorgeous looks will have you feeling like the queen herself, Ariana Grande.

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