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This Is Your Sign to Try a Braided Hairstyle With a Weave

When it comes to beauty trends, everything old is new again. While revisiting styles from the 2000s is nostalgic fun, it’s even better when hairstylists put their twist on it and make it their own. The half-braid half-weave hairdos below are a perfect example of modernizing a beloved style. Check out the list of braided hairstyles with a weave for some style inspiration.

Clear Beads

This style posted on @hair_by_nessa’s page is hitting every mark. Everything about the style is sleek from the hair to the luxurious inches to the laid edges to the cornrows. While the style is complicated, it doesn’t look it. The clear beads add to the seamless vibe.

Flat Twists

This cute style posted on @mikkisimone_’s page is a fun take on a braided hairstyle with a weave. The stylist added glamorous waves to her client’s quick weave and then added two flat twists to the center.

Crown Braid

This half crown braid style by @hairbyericalatrice is giving princess in a castle and we’re obsessed. Paired with the curly weave and edges the style is so feminine and soft, you’ll want to frolic in a field picking flowers.

Cornrow Heart

The braid work on this half-braid half-weave style posted by @taleahstyles sets this style apart. Let’s give a round of applause for the clean lines, the symmetry, and the cornrowed heart design on the client. The braided part of the style takes up more space than the weave in this case and allows it to be the center of attention while being complimented by the straight weave.

Sleek Braids

@Hair_by_resa makes it to the list again with this beautiful, sleek braided hairstyle with weave. This time, the cornrows are medium-sized with an asymmetrical part. The weave is bone straight, shiny, and long. Our favorite thing about this style is its wearability. It looks just as good paired with a hoodie as it does with a blazer or cocktail dress.

Royal Treatment

This braided weave style from @taylord_beautypage is giving volume, it’s giving royal. We love how the braids frame the face and give the oval beads their moment.

All Natural

@Beautymarkedbybeee left her mark (we’ll stop) on this frontal wig. The half-braided weave style looks so natural, her talent is unquestionable.

Zig-Zag Part

When the lines look like they were cut with a laser, you know the stylist isn’t playing. This braided hairstyle with weave from the perfectly named @neensprecision was meticulously executed—we love it.

Fulani Weave

@Braidsandbeautyboutique styled the client with a classic half-braid style. The cornrows end with white beads that give the style an old school vibe.

Gold Tones

What sets this half-braid half-weave hairstyle apart are the details in the braids. @Tamisue718 added volume to the crown of the client’s head but it’s the pops of color from the blonde, the hair jewelry, and the braids curling at the end for us.

Geometric Design

We’re feeling this look for a number of reasons. @Hair_by_paulaa styled this braided hairstyle and weave using medium-length hair in a gorgeous brown shade that fits the client’s complexion. She also used a geometric design with her cornrows and added a braided crown that adds to the look.

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Can we submit this gorgeous half-braid half-weave hairstyle from @wrightbeautyco_ for consideration for the Clean Girl Aesthetic? Sleek, not a hair out of place, simple, and stunning. This style sums up the trend everyone is talking about, perfectly.

Stitch Braids

@Misslashae slayed this half-braid half-weave style. Everything from the cornrow size to the amount of weave used keeps the style effortless.

Inspired? Try one of these styles out and tag us so we can see how gorgeous you look. Then, click HERE for tips on maintaining your braids so they look fresh for weeks.

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