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HOW-TO: A Braided Headband in 5 Steps with Laura Polko

When the woman behind Vanessa Hudgenss and Ashley Benson’s luscious locks wants to show us how to have a good hair day, we’re all ears (and eyes)! If you’re searching for a chic and simple way to amp up your strands for the holiday festivities, look no further! Laura Polko gives us the perfect look for an after work pick me up or for the girl on the go. Wear to the office then dress up with a hair accessory and you’re ready for a night on the town.


Long Blonde Hair Middle Part


Create a middle part on dry strands of hair.


Braid How-To, Hair Tutorial


Begin creating a regular french braid starting on a small section to one side of the parting.


Braid How-To


Continue the French braid until the hair reaches the top of the ear, then create a regular 3-strand braid until you reach the ends. Secure with an elastic.


Braid How-To


Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the opposite side.


Braid Crown


Wrap the ends of the braids around each other to create a twist, then pull so it falls just below the crown of the head.


Braid Crown Bobby Pin


Hold into place, then secure with French pins.


Jennifer Behr Headpiece


Looking to dress it up?! Just put on your favorite head band or hair accessory and you’re instantly glam! Pictured is the Eris Headband from Jennifer Behr.

Feeling the gold accessories? There’s more where that came from!


Braided Headband Laura Polko


Viola!! How chic is she?!

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