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8 Braided Ponytail Hairstyles That’ll Have You Feeling Like Ariana Grande

We all know Ariana Grande is the queen of a good pony and we strive for that level of hair magic on a daily basis, but what if we told you there was a way to up your updo game even more? That’s right, you can kick it into overdrive with a luscious braided ponytail hairstyle variation. 

For all the naysayers who think a braid is pretty one-dimensional, these styles will definitely prove you wrong. From woven pigtails to bedazzled classic braids, give Ariana a run for her money by trying out the hairstyles below. 

1. Braided Side Ponytail

When in doubt, side pony it out. A single side braid is always a winner, but multiple braids give it a little something extra. Add a scrunchie to the mix and you have yourself a unique yet graceful look.

2. Braided Pigtails

Because, two is always better than one, opt for extra long braided pigtails. It’s only appropriate you rock a pair of shades with this look. After all, WWAD (what would Ariana do)?

3. French Braided Low Ponytail

We adore a low pony as much as a high one, so this fabulous French braided ponytail hairstyle is everything. Weave it into the crown of your head for an extra layer of glam. You can even tease the top for a slightly messy, but elegant look.

4. Floral Braided Ponytail

If you’re wearing a braid for a special occasion, accessorization is key. Adding floral accents give your style a whimsical and dreamy vibe. Think Ariana meets Grace Kelly.

5. Braided Bangs Ponytail

For the bold and the brave, we have this stunning high pony with braided bangs. The extra length just screams leading-edge.

6. Stack Braided Ponytail

This gorgeous stacked braid is so intricate, we can’t stop staring at it. Placing this at the top of your head also elevates the freshness of the look. People won’t be able to look away or figure out how you assembled it so exquisitely.

7. Mohawk Braided Ponytail

We’ve never actually seen Ariana wear any form of Mohawk, but we know she would completely rock this look. It’s edgy, exciting, and glossy, all at the same time. Adding large barrettes only enhances said glossiness.

8. Crisscross Braided Ponytail

The crisscross braid approach is an absolutely killer boost to any regular old ponytail. This one’s for anyone who’s tired of the single braid and wants a more eye-catching ‘do up top.

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