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Braids By Katie (aka Katie Peters) is only 16, but that hasn’t stopped this mini mane master from amassing over 25 thousand followers on Instagram. From fishtails and starburst braids to full-on 29 strand masterpieces, this pint-sized aspiring stylist has caught a case of major manespiration fever. Having dreamed up over 300 unique braided looks, keep scrolling to hear how this braid-obsessed teen became so passionate about hair.Braids By Katie

What inspired you to start braiding hair?

I actually first started braiding and posting my hairstyles on a joint Instagram account with some of my friends three years ago. Soon they grew out of it, but I was so intrigued by the different combinations you could create with braids, so I continued trying out new styles and posting them on my own Instagram. From then on, my friends encouraged me to continue posting and as my followers grew, so did my passion for braiding!

Do you have a signature braid that you are known for?

I would say I’m probably best known for my multi-strand braids, but I also love fishtail braids and the suspended infinity braid!

Braids By Katie

What are the products you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my CHI Infra Texture Hairspray. My hair is naturally straight, so whenever wear it in curls, it won’t stay unless I spray it down a ton. I love this hairspray because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, but it still holds the curls very well.

What’s your favorite Instagram account to follow?

If we’re talking hair, I would have to choose @abellabraids and @aurorabraids. When I first started sharing my braids on Insta, @abellasbraids was my mane inspiration for creating braids that were outside the box, and I love @aurorabraids because all of the braids are SO beautiful (and the pictures always feature the lovely Norwegian outdoors in the background!)

Braids By Katie

How has documenting your work on Instagram helped you grow as an aspiring stylist?

Without Instagram, I probably would have given up on braiding. Not only can I share my hairstyles with people around the globe, but I can also be challenged and inspired by other braiders to try out new styles. AND, my followers are so supportive, it always makes my day to read their comments!

What do you predict is going to be the next big braid trend?

After seeing the Kardashians sporting the Dutch pigtails, I’m betting this hairstyle will be the next big braid trend. But I’m hoping that fishtails will make a comeback because they’re my favorite!

What’s next for you?!

This summer, I’m going to make more YouTube tutorials and I’ll be taking my braids abroad! I’m heading to Italy so keep an eye out for some braids on the streets of Florence and Rome!

Braids By Katie

Follow Katie’s adventures abroad as she braids her way through Europe + click here for a crash course on creating some of our favorite braided looks.

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