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Bread Beauty Supply Creator, Maeva Heim, Champions Frizzy Hair and She Isn’t Sorry About It

I’m certain by now, you’ve heard many amazing things about up-and-coming textured hair care brand Bread Beauty Supply. Whether that’s been from us (your mane gurus) or you’ve seen it on the ‘gram, there’s a reason this brand only has three products and still manages to stand out among the rest. They’re aimed at providing basic hair care, but their formulas are actually about as far from the word ‘basic’ as you can get.

In addition to their buttery soft ingredient palette, brand creator Maeva Heim wants to completely shift the way we think about unruly, textured hair. She strongly believes it should be normalized instead of demonized and this is a key point that drew me to the brand. Maeva was kind enough to sit down with me to chat about the birth story of this exciting brand, her own natural hair journey and more. I also had the incredible privilege of trying their wash day essentials for myself so read on below for all the details.

Mane Addicts: I’d love to know more about your natural hair journey.

Maeva Heim: My transition actually began while I was on a trip in the United States. I’d flown from New York to Colorado with a hair relaxer in my suitcase, and when I arrived in Colorado, I opened up my suitcase and discovered the relaxer had exploded all over my items. That’s when I decided that I was going to stop relaxing my hair. At the time, I had already been transitioning my skin and body care over to products that were ‘cleaner’ and I’d become more aware of the ingredients in beauty products I was using. As I reflected on that, I realized that my scalp is skin too, and I was putting this very toxic product on my head every three to six months for over 20 years.

MA: Tell me a bit more about what inspired you to build this brand. 

MH: As I began my natural hair journey, I wanted to find care products that were specifically designed for my texture. When I finally got access to stores and entered the ‘multicultural’ hair care aisle, I was quite shocked—I was unable to find any brands on the market catering to my hair type that I could relate to, as most felt dated and the production selection was incredibly confusing and overwhelming. Beauty shouldn’t be problematic or hard, it should be fun, and real.

MA: I love that Bread celebrates all different types of textured hair, including frizzy and unmanageable! When was the moment you realized this was something you really wanted the brand to be about?

MH: As I left the life of chemical hair relaxing and started wading into the natural hair community, I felt I had almost gone from one extreme to another. All of a sudden, I felt like I was a bad ‘natural.’ The language typically used in the hair industry tends to unnecessarily demonize characteristics that are natural features of textured hair. I want us to redefine what ‘aspirational’ means for curly hair, and that includes normalizing frizz.

I wanted BREAD to feel like a soft place to land for anyone who stops relaxing their hair, but doesn’t want to feel judged for not playing by the ‘rules.’ We just want to provide the best products and the best brand experience, whatever you decide to do.

MA: When choosing ingredients for your products, what factors did you feel were most important for building a winning textured hair care routine? 

MH: I knew I wanted to champion native Australian ingredients. I was seeing a lot of the same ingredients all the time and questioned why other fruit seeds and butters weren’t being considered. Generally, the more popular oils and butters are cost effective, but I wanted to branch out and discover more exceptional ingredients close to home. We have other phenomenal native fruit and flower species in Australia that do wonders for natural hair, but haven’t really been utilized much. Whilst we started with Kakadu Plum infused products for the launch, we have other exciting things in the works.

My Review of the Products

I was fortune enough to try the wash day essentials kit which includes a milky hair cleaner, deep conditioner and hair oil. First, I have to mention how truly divine these products smell. Upon opening the gentle milky hair cleanser, I was immediately greeted by the aroma of freshly-made cake batter. And let me be honest, I’m not usually one for overly artificial smells of the candy variety but this was light and simply heavenly.

I also received these products at just the right time because they happened to be exactly what my locks needed to stay strong and healthy during the colder months. The ingredients detangle, deeply hydrate and most importantly, are totally natural. After a few weeks of using the milky cleanser and deep conditioner, I noticed an amazing shift in the overall texture of my dry, frazzled strands. The brand champions frizz and I’m here for it, but it also completely eliminated it for me. The most outstanding feature I noticed about this kit is its ability to deliver moisture at a long lasting rate.

Even days after fully washing, my mane still maintained its sleek and soft appearance. The only part of the kit I didn’t utilize as much was the hair oil. The scent was a bit strong for me and my hair doesn’t particularly take well to over moisturizing. My super thick locks requires a delicate balance of hydration that I found the most effective with just the cleanser and deep conditioner. Overall, the kit works incredibly for all textured hair types as long as you tailor it to your specific needs. And that’s why I love Bread, that’s exactly what they’re all about. Purely doing you.

HERE are even more product launches we’re looking forward to this new year.

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