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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Is This Mud Mask by Bread Beauty Supply

My hair wash day routine always starts with a pre-poo, which is essentially a mask or conditioner that’s applied to your hair before washing as normal. (P.S. If you have curls and you do not pre-poo I suggest adding this to your routine.) I’m usually not very picky with this step as I typically apply an OG YouTube DIY hair mask that uses a mixture of bentonite clay and water—sometimes with apple cider vinegar. I’ve also dabbled into just using a cheap conditioner with water while detangling my hair to prep for shampoo and conditioner. But Bread Beauty Supply’s Mud Mask has totally elevated my pre-wash process.

Person holding the Bread Beauty Supply Mud Mask in front of a teal background | Mane Addicts

About Bread Beauty Supply

If you’re not familiar, Bread Beauty Supply is a hair care line (founded in 2020 by Maeva Heim) curated for 3a to 4c curl types with clean ingredients and aesthetically pleasing branding to match—and has since taken social platforms like TikTok by storm. The Mud Mask’s key ingredients are clay, quartz, broccoli extract, and matcha tea leaf extract, which aim to help reset curls and cleanse the scalp. Plus, the chic packaging and easy-to-use squeeze bottle definitely add vibes to a good self-care day. So much easier than the DIY mask I concocted in my kitchen mug and somehow always failed to make enough for my entire head.

The Mud Mask Process

As instructed, I dampened my hair and applied the mask in sections. I was seriously impressed with how smooth the formula was and how my dry strands instantly became easier to detangle. Halfway through the application, it was evident that the product was performing magic on my hair. The incomplete side was dry as the Sahara desert, while the completed side had movement and bouncy-yet-defined curls. I let the mask marinate for 20 minutes (as the directions suggest) and noticed how comfortable and moisturizing it felt while I waited.

Before and during Ria using the Bread Beauty Supply Mud Mask | Mane Addicts

The Verdict

In the past, I’ve used masks that were itchy, burned, or had a tightening effect while drying in my hair. Upon rinsing out the mask and completing my wash day, I was pleasantly surprised to see my curls defined and shiny without any product. Beauty Bread Supply’s Mud Mask has definitely become a mainstay in my wash day arsenal—it was love at first detox.

Ria smiling at the camera for a selfie | Mane Addicts

Not only does TikTok love using mud for their curls, but they’re also fans of clay. HERE’s what you need to know!

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