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Swoon-Worthy Looks for Brides With Short Hair

Put down the extensions, repeat, put down the extensions. Walking down the aisle with shorter hair is completely on trend (hey there, lob) and happily refreshing. If you have a wedding coming up and feel length-challenged, stop right now. Instead, check out our favorite looks for bridal hairstyles for short hair.

Elongated Waves

A prominent side part and purposely windswept waves create effortless wedding day glam for a shorter cut, stylishly sealed with a frosted pin.


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Cute and Curly

Keep it fun! Wedding day hair doesn’t have to be boring or serious. Playful curls are happily face-framing in this unexpected half-up, half-down look. We love Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to keep curls perky from brunch to cocktails.

Crowning Glory

Sometimes a subtle crown is all it takes to add wedding level pizzaz to a clean pixie.

Keep It Simple

The beauty of short hair is how little effort it takes to look great. Note, even your wedding day isn’t an excuse to overdo it or betray what works. Stick to your guns and rock your hair the way it normally falls, going in with a curling iron (we love the Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner 1 Inch Curler) to create defined pieces for a more put-together, equally romantic, setting-appropriate style. Though it may seem like you’re doing the minimum, this short bridal hairstyle will stand the test of time.

Dramatic Bangs

Take a hint from celebs on your wedding day. Every red carpet appearance is a chance for short hairspo. We’re obsessed with this look by celeb stylist Jenny Cho, who exaggerated Emilia Clark’s sideswept bangs to create obvious drama. Pro tip: Up the ante with a high-impact veil.


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Clasp and Go

A pearl clasp is a classic way to keep hair off your face while guaranteeing you’re bridal ready. Though pearls are pretty much an allegory for everything bridal, this could easily be your something blue.

Stair Braid

Braids meet stars in this look by stylist Jenny Cho on ethereal muse Lucy Boynton, and would look just as glam down the aisle.


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Twisted Updo

Mane master Jenny Cho pulled Carey Mulligan’s short locks back in a romantic, twisted updo. This style is the answer for any short hair bride that wants to wear their hair back but isn’t sure how.


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Slicked Back

If you’re an ultra posh bride (or aspiring to be) with lob-length locks, slick them back. You don’t have to go overboard with a wet look to make it stick, like on this subtle short bridal hairstyle that gets the job done.


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Natural Beauty

Keep curls intact and add a flower crown for a classically pretty, can’t-go-wrong short bridal hairstyle.

Need more bridal hairstyles for your short hair? HERE is some wedding day inspo for every type of bride!

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