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It’s Wedding Season: A 101 on Bridal Prep From a Pro Stylist

We are veils deep in wedding season—is your mane ready? Even for brides that have pulled off the bridal trial and have their big day look memorized, there’s more to great hair than just styling. We reached out to top bridal stylist Alexandra Wilson to find out her ultimate get-ready tips and how to shine on your big day. Peep Wilson’s bridal hairstyling advice below!

Bridal Hairstyling Prep Timeline

Months Before

“Getting your hair ready for the big day is important so you can look and feel your best. I’d suggest using Nioxin Night Density Rescue to get your hair looking healthier and thicker. It’s an overnight leave-in treatment clinically proven to boost hair density in two months,” she shares for strengthening your hair.

Avoid damage (you can save that for your wedding day) and make sure you follow the mane rules. Wilson says to “limit using heat to prevent getting split ends and from drying out your hair, and get your hair regularly trimmed.”

And don’t forget your color. “If you’re on a hair coloring journey to achieve a certain color by your big day, be sure to book your appointments out accordingly,” she says.

Day Of

“For the day of you really don’t need to be doing much to your hair,” says Wilson. She suggests you leave it to the pros and enjoy being pampered. “Every stylist prefers different prep depending on the client. I’d suggest blowing out your hair the night prior with your favorite products including Nioxin Diamax Advanced hair thickening treatment for added fullness. On the day of, keep it in a low, loose pony.”

It’s not something borrowed or blue, but it’s a must-have. “Most brides forget to bring their hair products to the hotel they are staying at the night prior. Hotel shampoos and conditioners are not the best and can leave the hair feeling tangly and oily. Bring all of your own good quality products for your hair to look the best on your wedding day,” Wilson continues.

Bridal Hairstyling Tips

Alexandra’s styling tip cheat sheet for your nuptials:

  • Wash and blow dry the night before.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase with your hair in a braid. This helps hair retain moisture and causes less friction and tangles, which results in less damage and breakage.
  • Always apply a heat protectant and thermal spray prior to curling.
  • Limit finishing spray as it can be very heavy and weigh the hair down. Instead, use a medium spray/working spray as you go.
  • Always smooth out all frizz with an iron prior to creating the style. Frizz needs to be tamed with heat and proper product, if you just try to spray frizz down it will not get as smooth
  • When curling, always allow the curl to cool in your hand for a few seconds to increase the curl’s volume and longevity.

For those not sure of their style:

  • Gather hair inspiration photos. Always search for examples with your hair color and length.
  • Look through Pinterest for ideas. Keep in mind many photos are styles with extensions. If you are not comfortable wearing extensions, try NIOXIN Diamax Advanced hair thickening treatment to give instant fullness after just one use.
  • Try on your dress and play around with your hair. Consider hairstyles that show off the details of your dress.

Still unsure of how you want to do your hair for your wedding? HERE are our favorite Kardashian wedding looks of all time to use as inspo!

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