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10 Bridesmaid Hair Updos for the Big Day

First looks are great and all, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the great bridal party reveal. Getting ready with the girls on your big day is a permanent friendship highlight reel. But what will the bridesmaid looks be? We rounded up some of our favorite bridesmaid updos that will complement both you and your besties, so you have one less thing to stress over.

Low Pony

Issa Rae’s naturally curly pony is understated, elegant, and universally flattering.


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Slicked-Back and Sweet

A casual swept-back bridesmaid updo is gorgeous for bridesmaids of all seasons.

Center Part Chignon

Have your bridesmaids rock a center part with a low bun to elevate their updos on your big day.


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Accessorized Bridesmaid Updo

You don a veil while your bridesmaids wear delicate accessories. We love this collection of accessories for bridesmaid updos by Luxy Hair.


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Roll It

Organize that messy bun for the aisle by rolling hair around it for a chic yet functional bridesmaid updo.

Side Part

Bridesmaids can have different looks but keep a similar vibe. A sweet side part makes this bridesmaid updo a standout.

Flower Girls

Give your girls a rustic floral crown and bring the drama.


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Over Under

Bun meets braid with this undulating bridesmaid updo.


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Top Knot

All smiles and a top knot—there’s nothing more classic than this bridesmaid updo.

Accent Braid

An accent braid ties everything together on your big day and with your bridesmaids updos.

If you still need help deciding on your hairstyle, HERE are some wedding day hairstyles for every type of bride.

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