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Brigitte Bardot Inspired Holiday Hair and Makeup

When it comes to holiday glam, bigger is better and Brigitte Bardot undeniably the OG bodacious babe-alicious beauty icon. Year after year, season after season, her messy mane and signature smoky eye are some of the most requested looks in the world. This holiday it’s reimagined with a green glitter twist courtesy of Fenty’s Galaxy eyeshadow palette.

NYC based stylist and owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor, Michael Angelo, put together this divine holiday look inspired by the inimitable Brigitte Bardot. The pretty play on red and green is festive yet tasteful, and looks even more fab when paired with Brigitte’s signature messy hair. See how you can recreate this same look yourself below!

The Inspo:

The Look:

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Holiday Hair and Makeup


Hair is prepped for styling with Oribe Matte Waves before being casually curled with The Beachwaver. Don’t be too tidy about this, you’re creating a messy texture, not a perfect curl. Think of it as wrinkling your hair rather than curling it. Oribe Dry Texture Spray gets hair ready for teasing at the crown and extra volume from Balmain Hair Couture Clip-ins, made at Wonderland Beauty Parlor. A Jennifer Behr barrette holds a few strands from around the face back and holds a little bump in the crown up.


Skin glows with Retrouvé Revitalizing Eye Concentrate used as highlighter along the cheekbones and RMS lip2cheek in Diabolique adds color & contour to the cheeks.


Eyes are sculpted by tracing the socket with Pat McGrath Labs Ultimate Taupe and Xtreme Black before being glittered for the Christmas gods with Fenty Xtra Terrestrial and Sublime, and liberally lined with MAC Blacktrack gel liner.  Using a matte, nude, neutral shade to sketch out the exaggerated cat eye is a great way to make sure you’re happy with eye shape and balance before committing to blacks. Lashes are generously mascaraed with Rodial’s super thick, super black Glamolash Mascara XXL


Festive red lips look three dimensional with Kevyn Aucoin Blood Roses on the outside corners and Eternal in the center.

HERE’S how to get Katherine Schwarzenegger’s signature glam waves.


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