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Here’s the Secret to British Girl Hair

If Angeleno girls have beach waves down pat, then British babes know haute hair like the back of their hands. Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Adele, Elizabeth Taylor—the ladies of London pack a posh punch with their locks. Never done up too much or too meager, Brit babe hair bears the best of rock ’n’ roll grunge and red carpet grace. In attempts to channel this British allure, we tapped two of the UK’s leading hairstylists, Michael Ashton and Syd Hayes, who break down the British girl hair recipe for us, below.


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It’s All About Balance

“British women love hair with a lived-in vibe and texture to it, particularly in London where it’s a case of striking the fine balance between being groomed without looking too overdone. Much like British fashion and the trend-led high street, hairstyles that offer versatility, as well as individuality, are key,” Michael notes.

Syd shares that “British cool-girl hair is always effortless and chic; it’s undone and carefree. That’s what signifies British women’s hair.”

Take Risks

Syd points out that “haircuts in the UK definitely have an edge to them. The chop seems to be easier for British girls than the LA beach mid to long beach hair. Short fringes are on point, and there are lots of cool short haircuts popping up and around London. Bright all-over colours are definitely a thing here in London.”

“Girls in Chelsea have the perfect, natural-looking balayage blonde,” Michael says. “Whereas if you’re in Shoreditch, styles are going to be a little edgier—from razor shape bobs to rainbow unicorn-inspired color.”

Get the Most Out of a Blow Dry Bar

“I think British women have really embraced the culture of blow dry bars, which are such an easily accessible and affordable way for women to keep their hair looking its best, and also experiment with different styles each visit,” notes Michael.

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