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Romantic Low Buns, But Make it Fashion at Brock Collection

Romantic nods have always been a part of Brock Collection’s repertoire. Nevertheless, the house fully leaned in to the theme for their latest collection.Laura and Kristopher Brock are a couple in both life and design. The duo started the line in 2014 and quickly gained acclaim after their debut collection.

For the Fall 2019 RTW iteration of their collection, models marched down the runway in wispy layers, Victorian-inspired collars and floral prints. The elegant looks were paired with natural, un-accessorized hair that allowed the collection to shine. Models sported romantic low buns save for two stunners who’s shorter hair didn’t allow for the style.

Dyson and Shu Uemura dominated backstage with hair guru Paul Gray at the helm. His first priority was to make hair looks soft and sexy without looking too stiff. “When you start working with hair that looks welded into place,” he instructs, “you make it look old fashioned.” And “last-season” ladies and gentlemen, Brock Collection is not.

The hair artists started by blasting hair with a Dyson Supersonic and pinning sections back in loose curls above models’ heads. They allowed the hair to cool and sit while Westman Atelier makeup was being applied under the watchful eye of Gucci Westman herself. Hair was prepped at the roots with Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse and finished off with the brand’s Sheer Laquer and Texture Wave sprays. Models’ hair was then pulled back in a loose, low bun reminiscent of your favorite Jane Austen novel.

The result was a cohesive runway that stayed true to the designing duo’s ethos. The relaxed hair was paired with smokey eyes, glowy skin and neutral toned lips. Floral prints and darker hues ruled the runway alike but they all came together in a romantic symphony. Feast your eyes on some of our favorite snaps from the show below.

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