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Gregory Russell Gives Brooke Candy a Dope New Haircut

Brooke Candy doesn’t look like this anymore…

Gregory Russell and Brooke Candy

The pop singer is far from conservative when it comes to her mane, rocking wigs, extensions, braids, dreads, and nearly every color of the rainbow, but her most recent ‘do is far from the illusion of extensions and wigs…

Brooke Candy Short Shaved Hair

Gregory Russell took Brooke’s platinum blonde locks to the skin with an edgy new cut that was shaved in the back with disconnected long strands.

“Brooke and I were inspired to do a fresh punk version of T Boz’s look,” explains Gregory. “She’s getting some new skull tattoos so we collaborated on some ideas for a new look including Wendy O’Williams mohawk, Nina Hagan’s buzz and crop, and T Boz’s extreme A-line!”


“Brooke is clearly always down to push a new look so we went for it! YAS slay werk diva queen angel goddess!” says Gregory.

What do you think of Brooke Candy’s edgy new cut?! Sound off in the comments below!

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