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Brunette Breakdown: 7 Shades You Need to Know

Brunette is always beautiful; there isn’t one skin tone that can’t pull of this versatile hue. Though you may have started out life as a brunette and since dipped into lighter (or darker, or redder) territory, the color closest to your roots is anything but boring. We put together the tones that guarantee your brunette is dimensional, rich and totally on trend. Take our brown hair color inspiration guide with you on your post-summer salon appointment and spruce up what’s already there or prepare to transform. To make sure your color is on the money, CHI Ambassador Cynthia Diersen, tells how to keep brunette looking luxe.

Brunette Inspiration(image via Instagram)


To keep brunettes shiny, Cynthia starts out with a great color line—she uses CHI Shine Shades. It’s a liquid collection that gives stylists a wide range of services, like permanent, demi and semi- permanent, glaze and hair treatments—which means more options for you. The products leave hair in better condition than before, with a guarantee of little to no fade. Experiment with a demi-permanent dark tone and a gloss for a no-fail answer to brown—seriously you can do no wrong with opaque, espresso locks.

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The darkest shade of brown—bordering on black, raven is the perfect backdrop to any beauty look; it will bring out your features in a brand new, striking way.

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If you want to test the waters before taking the plunge into the “dark side,” try Cynthia’s latest obsession—the CHI Color Illuminate conditioners, which are rich in pigment. The line offers a Dark Chocolate and a Coffee Bean color enhancing conditioner, so you can go brunette with zero commitment. When you decide on your dream color (mocha is an it-girl tone of choice) let your new shine speak for you.

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Deciding what color flatters you the most is like finding the golden ticket—the perfect tone is key to looking your best, no matter the color. Cynthia tells us to check our color’s reflection to look our best. “Studying the natural underlying reflections of the hair is almost too easy to not use in your favor,” she explains. “If the hair offers coppery tones naturally, it’s safe to say that most warm browns with copper and/or golds will bring softness and warmth to their overall glow, so embrace those instead of fighting them!” A honey-tinged brunette will bring non-stop shine and definitely creates a halo of softness.

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“To me, brunettes are a timeless beauty, but they still need some love even if you’re going ‘low maintenance,’” comments Cynthia. To maximize your brunette, get an occasional color refresh glaze, a quick 15 minute shine treatment (CHI Shine Shade Clear with 10vl color generator is her go-to) or a luxury treatment (she suggests BioSilk Silk Therapy). Keeping up with color is especially necessary when adding in gold strands while maintaining your brown base.

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A red highlight adds warmth to brown, and gives you a tease of what it would be like to go ginger.

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Break up your brunette at the ends with a lighter shade—the rich brown pigment carries throughout but is a subtle way to add in tonality.

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