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Brownie Batter Brunette Is Fall’s Favorite Hue

Brunette hues are always rich and delicious—and TikTok’s latest viral color trend is no exception. Meet brownie batter brunette, the latest trending hue for Autumn. But what is the brownie batter brunette hair color exactly? Expert hairstylist Shelley Gregory helps shed some light on the latest uber-dimensional color trend.

What Is Brownie Batter Brunette?

Brunette hues are more than just brown. They can include a variety of tones from caramels to chocolates to creamier highlights. When asked about the brownie batter brunette hair color trend, Gregory describes it as “a rich chocolate brown that has luscious hues of brown and beige.”

Think of it like a pan of literal brownie batter, with all the little swirls and flecks of color. This approach to the hue is what makes it look so lived-in and seamless. Due to all the dimensions, the brownie batter brunette color trend may take a bit of work behind the chair depending on what you’re starting with.

How to Get Brownie Batter Brunette

In the Salon

As always, for big color changes like this, we recommend booking an appointment with a seasoned professional. But what type of color service should you expect? “Depending on the client’s starting point is how I would approach what they want to achieve in the end,” says Gregory.

“For someone with blonde hair, we would add shades of caramel and brown lowlights with a gloss all over the rest of the blonde to tone. For a brunette who is starting darker at the pony, we would add highlights or balayage with lightener. Then, we can go in and add a toner to those pieces to make it more dimensional.”

At Home

Start off by examining your “canvas color” (a.k.a. your current tone). If you’re starting off with more blonde, consider adding deeper lowlights throughout, and potentially a shadow root at your base. If you’re starting with a deeper tone, then lightening some pieces throughout and toning will be your best bet. Overall, remember to stick to chocolaty brown, caramel, and beige tones.

Things to Consider Before Getting the Color

There are a few things to consider before opting for brownie batter brunette. First and foremost is your skin tone. Before trying any viral color trend, it is important to consider what will flatter your face. Gregory says, “Warmer skin tones will work with this color. Because this brunette has a lot of cool tones throughout, it will compliment and enhance warm skin tones.”

Cost and maintenance are also important to consider. Those with naturally darker hair may not require as much upkeep, whereas those with lighter hair colors will need root touch-ups more frequently. Additionally, if you are someone who brasses out easily, you may be back in the salon for toners more than you think.

Brownie Batter Brunette Hair Color Inspiration

Now that you’ve booked your appointment, here are some of our fave brownie batter brunette hair color photos to take as inspiration!

Brownie Swirls and Money Pieces

One way to try the brownie batter brunette trend is by incorporating money pieces into the mix. Rather than your typical high contrast, these caramel-toned strands blend perfectly with the rest of the hue.

Brownie Melt

A seamless color melt looks stunning with brownie batter tones. This gradual shift from dark to light is expertly done and allows the wearer to go longer between root touch-ups.

Dark Chocolate

Subtle color shifts are all you need to create dimension. This super dark take on the trend combines complementary deep tones to create this multi-faceted brunette.

Honey Brown Batter

Lighter, brighter tones have their place in the brownie batter brunette trend too. If you prefer more lightness than darkness, opt for a plethora of honey-hued highlights to bridge the gap.

Red Fire Brownies

These cinnamon caramel tones come together to create a “spicier” take on the typical brunette.

Classic Brownies

When we think of brownie batter brunette, this is what we think of. Classic, slightly warm, super deep brown tones with a slight pop of lightness around the face.

Blondie Batter

The lightest take on brownie batter still allows the roots to retain their depth, making maintenance much more manageable. Brownie batter-inspired colors can still be light, but keeping the root dark will help convey the nature of the trend.

Super Dark Chocolate

The darkest brownie of the bunch relies on tonal dimension. In this take, we don’t see a shift from light to dark, but rather from cool to warm. This technique allows the all-over color to stay as dark as possible while still incorporating multi-dimensional tones.

Not ready to go dark? Stay blonde! HERE’s the ultimate fall hair color trend—cozy blonde.

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