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All the Brunette Hair Color Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2022

Brunettes just do it better. This underrated (until now) shade will turn you into a timeless beauty with less upkeep than blonde, red, or any rainbow hue. It’s admittedly taken me a decade to come around to my natural, dark brown hair color, but now that I have, I see the beauty in espresso, auburn, and honey flecks. Here are the best brunette color trends for spring, to make you look like an expensive brunette.

Honey Kissed

A dark brunette base painted with golden-tinged highlights is basically the daylight savings of hair – memo received, we’re ready for a sunnier season.


Rich Chocolate

Did someone say expensive? This deep chocolate color is timeless, meaning it works every spring.



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Glossy Espresso

Take it one shade darker and up the sultriness by copying this shiny espresso color.


Subtle Ombre

Barely-there grown out highlights are so natural looking, we honestly can’t even tell if the sun or her colorist is responsible for these glimmering pieces.


Yellow Bronde

Turn up the warmth and add dimensional colors that don’t exactly match but blend perfectly.



It’s unconventional, but brown hair is the perfect canvas to get creative without losing the vibrancy of darker hair.

Misty Mauve

Brown meets misty mauve and ash blonde highlights that heighten the wow-factor of this brunette vixen.


And HERE I give you, puppy-spo.

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