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Here’s Why Bumble and Bumble’s New Surf Wave Foam Is a Summer Must-Have

Come summertime, there’s only one thing on our minds: textured, bouncy, perfectly-formed beach waves. This highly sought-after, truly timeless trend is simple, chic, and… honestly sort of hard to nail. Effortless, undone mermaid curls actually require quite a bit of effort and a handful of different products. Well, at least, it used it. Until industry giant Bumble and Bumble totally changed the game with its latest surf-inspired, multi-purpose Surf Texturizing Finishing Foam. This one product outdoes them all. Trust us, we tried it.

Say goodbye to all of those wave sprays, mousses, curling rods, and sea salt spritzes. This is why Bumble and Bumble’s wave foam is a summer must-buy.

Easy to Apply, Light-as-Air Texture

You can tell so much about a product by the feel of it. And this styling product has the perfect whipped textured—fluffy and structured, but airy and lightweight. This easy-to-apply foam works into dry strands with ease and without over-saturation, even on finer strands. Bumble and Bumble’s uniquely constructed foam contains just a little bit of grit too, relying on sea salts to help set in that out-of-the-ocean aesthetic.


Thoughtful Formula With UV Protection

Simple ingredients power this styling product from the brand’s lauded Surf line. Sea salt and dead sea salt provide that coveted ocean breeze texture that defines the beach wave. And a signature Beach Protective Blend of aloe lead juice, kelp extract, algae extract, and UV filters protects each strand from the drying effects of the sun, locking in moisture and blocking out harmful UV rays. Now that’s truly a multi-purpose product.


Wave Enhancing and Long Lasting

Bumble and Bumble’s wave foam really is that girl. With just a half-dollar size dollop of this whipped styling cream, I could easily saturate my medium-thick tresses. I curled my straight strands before applying the product, finger combing it through defined dry curls to create that lived-in look. The product is entirely workable, with a quick drying formula that’s brushable and buildable. It is a light hold product, so if you want to maintain your waves as is all day long, you’re going to need to reapply and restyle. But if you’re okay with your waves falling out in a natural-looking beach-chic way, then you should be good to go with just one round of styling.


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