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Uneven Braid Tutorial With Jen Atkin x Byrdie Beauty

Jen Atkin and Mane Addicts teamed with our favorite beauty website, Byrdie Beauty to come up with some stylish and easy to do hairstyles for the every day girl!  Check out this tutorial for a quirky twist on the side braid, courtesy of Byrdie.

Uneven Braid Jen Atkin Byrdie Beauty

(via Byrdie)

Step One: Air Dry

Start with air-dried hair so you have some natural texture to work with. Then, part your hair down the center.

Step Two: Roll the Front

Grab a small section of hair (about an inch wide) from around your hairline. Starting from your part, roll that section away from your face and pin it in place right above your ear.

Step Three: Section

Gather your hair to one side (the side with the twist you just created) and separate it into three even sections.

Step Four: Braid

Give yourself a basic braid all the way down to your ends—just make it tight. Atkin says the braid will fall apart in the next steps if the loops are too loose.

Step Five: Slide Up

Hold the end of one of the braid’s three sections in one hand. Hold the remaining two pieces in your other hand. Keep the single strand pulled taut, while you slide the rest of the braid up to the top.

Step Six: Slide Down

Once you’ve bunched the braid at the top, slide the same section back down to meet your other hand at the bottom.

Step Seven: Tie It Off

Tie off your braid, leaving a couple of inches loose at the end.

Step Eight: Brush

Using a boar-bristle brush, lightly brush up your braid in short sections. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Atkin says this is the step that creates that undone texture.

Step Nine: Stretch

Gently stretch a few loops throughout your braid, alternating the side of the braid you pull from as you go. Make your loops as uneven as you please.


And that’s it—no product or hot tools needed! Simply stunning.

2 minutes

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