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Mane Addicts is here to bring you another tutorial from Jen Atkin and Byrdie featuring the ‘cool girl’ version of the low bun. Easy to recreate, this style is a pinch in just a few short steps. Straight from Byrdie.com, enjoy the tutorial below.


If your hair is naturally straight or has just a slight wave you can start with your natural texture. Otherwise, blow it out smooth.

Step One: Spray

For optimum sleekness, Atkin likes to spray the hairbrush with hairspray before brushing through. This tames flyaways and adds shine.

Step Two: Brush

Brush your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. To get it really smooth, Atkin recommends using a boar-bristle hairbrush.

Step Three: Smooth

Smooth a small amount of styling cream down the length of your ponytail to make your strands extra silky.

Step Four: Split

Divide your ponytail into two equal parts.

Step Five: Tie

Tie off each one with a small rubber band (it will be hidden in the bun later).

Step Six: Pin

At the bottom of each section, insert a bobby pin vertically, so one prong is inside the hair tie and the other is out.

Step Seven: Roll

Grab both ends of the bobby pin and start rolling your hair away from your face and up towards the back of your head.

Step Eight: Secure

Roll that piece all the way up the base of your ponytail, and pin it in place with a few bobby pins.

Step Nine: Repeat

Do the same thing on the other side. Grab the bobby pin, and roll it up and away.

Step Ten: Place

Once you’ve reached the top, secure it with bobby pins. This section should fit nicely in with the first one—you’ll be able to feel a spot for it to slip into.


Tackle any rough bits with a dab of styling cream, and you’re done! There you have it: a chic, sleek chignon that’s way cooler than your average low bun.

Photographer: Justin Coit

Hairstylist: Jen Atkin

Makeup Artist: Roxy

Producer: Jenna Peffley

Model: Ashley Rogers

Fashion credits: Topshop sweater

2 minutes

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