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Playa’s New California Salt Shampoo Is the Solution For My Stressed Out Scalp

Summer scalp build up is more than just a minor mane misfortune. Constant exposure to sun, sea salt, sand and pool chemicals can have dangerously damaging effects on even the most well-kept tresses. Flaking, itching, irritation- scalp stresses flare up as temperatures rise.

So just how can you combat the effects of harsh summer weather? Breaking out from your normal hair routine is a daunting decision, particularly when it comes to solving a seasonal strand problem. Is it worth it to switch to a brand new shampoo? Should I really go all in on a new set of products with fall just around the corner?

Allow me to save you some time. After months of searching, I’ve finally found the ideal solution to my stressed out summer scalp- and, spoiler alert, it’s actually so simple. Read on to find out why Playa’s California Salt Shampoo is the ultimate answer to your sad summertime strands.

Playa California Salt Shampoo: $38

Clean Ingredients

When it comes to my tresses, I try to keep it clean. And Playa is the ultimate clean beauty brand. Each product is cruelty-free and formulated without SLS, parabens, phthalates, or dyes of any kind. Playa’s California Salt Shampoo is crafted with tea tree oil and California sea salt, to remove scalp impurities and sooth irritated skin sans damage-inducing chemicals. Who doesn’t love that?

Ultra-Easy to Use

I’ll be honest, I’m a little lazy when it comes to mane maintenance. So when my hair started feeling the effects of summer weather, I knew I needed a powerful product that wouldn’t upend my entire hair care routine. Playa’s California Salt Shampoo is THAT product. Simply swap your everyday shampoo for this unique cleanser just once a week and watch it work its magic on your mane. No need to disrupt your carefully curated hair habits. No fluff or feathers. Just high quality haircare that actually works.

Immediate Results

Not only is this scalp scrub easy to use, it’s also super effective. Just a single use dramatically improved my dry summer scalp, removing build up without stripping my strands.

I initially assumed that, in order to really get my tresses clean, I would have to follow the scrub up with a normal shampoo. Not so. This product keeps its promises– a quarter sized dollop covered my entire mid-length mane. The unique formula actually foams up as you work the sea salt into your scalp, eliminating excess grit and grime from each follicle. After 30 seconds of scrubbing and a thorough rinse, you’re ready to go. Follow up with your usual conditioner, pat dry, and voila! Squeaky clean strands and a flake-free scalp.

Playa’s California Salt Shampoo is made with all textures and lengths in mind. If your locks are on the longer side, it can be a bit difficult to apply the scrub directly to your scalp. I recommend flipping your tresses upside down while you apply the product. This way, you can work the scrub into your roots with ease. A soothed summer scalp is just a wash away with this miracle product!

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