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Cameron Dallas Makes a Modern and Mean James Dean

Cameron Dallas Mane Man Mike Rosenthal mens hair mens hair product social media king cameron dallas youtube mane addicts

Whoever said good hair can’t buy bliss didn’t have the mane of 22-year-old social media luminary Cameron Dallas. Wispy, wavy, and without-fail fly, Cameron’s lustrous locks overqualified him to be our first Mane Man, or should we say hair hunk. How he escalated from one of the most-followed Vine users to regular magazine cover boy and globe-trotting Dolce & Gabbana model was to be expected. During a time when people are constantly comparing themselves to each other, Cameron’s confidence feels anything but contrived—but more like something he nurtured naturally. “Be yourself. That’s really it. Just go for it. A lot of people question new styles because people aren’t used to it, but it’s just about stepping out of your comfort zone. The more you step out, the more comfortable you feel, the more people see you in it, and you feel like you can go even crazier,” he advised.

Cameron Dallas mane man mane addicts mike rosenthal florido

Though a total jokester (his YouTube channel features prank wars, including bets over chest-waxing with friends), the king of social media had no time for tomfoolery when it came to chasing his dreams, the key to which he told his 20 million Instagram followers is writing them down on paper. Despite living like a king—taking it all off for Mario Testino’s Towel Series, posing for the cover of Seventeen, and sitting front row at fashion shows like Moschino (ya know, doing what mega social media stars do)—Cameron keeps his head out of the clouds. He told us, “To be honest, I’m so competitive I don’t ever feel like ‘Omg, I truly made it’ and I think that’s what keeps me going. When I actually have a whole family and I’m settled down, that’s when I’ll be like ‘Dang, I did good.'”

Cameron Dallas mane man mane addicts mike rosenthal florido mens hair mens hair products

Inside MA lounge on Sunset Boulevard, Cameron’s wind-kissed tresses—which required Florido, celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Justine Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, only a touch of effort to make delectably dapper–took on a life of their own. Watching Florido primp Cameron’s hair, you’d know he was Cameron’s right hand hair man. Even after the shoot wrapped, Cameron’s locks looked photoshoot-ready when he asked Florido to slip them into braids.

Cameron Dallas mane man mane addicts mike rosenthal florido mens hair

With strands so suave they should be insured, you’d think Cameron’s hair routine included an arsenal of products, but nah, his hero product is actually far from a product—it’s water. That’s right, men, take note. Florido’s spray bottle full of H2O was key during touch ups. “I like to change it up all the time. Sometimes I’ll slick it back, make it curly or I’ll braid it,” he mentioned. Judging by the variety of hairstyles captured on his Instagram, Cameron’s not too shy to sample novel styles. “If I had to sport a new ‘do, I’d either grow it out long like in Vikings, or it’d be [loosely slicked back], like a Brad Pitt Fury look. Next I’ll probably dye it some crazy color. I’m down for pink.” Real men aren’t afraid to wear pink, right? We’ll be right here waiting for Cameron’s pink hair debut.

Cameron Dallas mane man mane addicts mike rosenthal florido mens hair mens hair products

Follow Cameron Dallas‘ tresses wherever they go.

Crew: Photography by Mike Rosenthal; Hair by Florido; Wardrobe by Wayman + Micah; Creative Production by Ashley Alanis.

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