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Can Crystals Help With Hair Growth? We Investigate

Crystals have become the go-to for a variety of common ailments, but can they help with hair growth? For those of you that believe in the healing power of these gems, we did a little digging to discover how crystals can improve your luscious locks. Keep scrolling to learn more about these magnificent stones, how they help hair growth, and which ones work the best for common hair troubles!

Can Crystals Help With Hair Growth?

The short answer is yes, crystals can in fact help with hair growth.

That being said, using crystals for hair growth isn’t an exact science, nor should it be used in place of what your dermatologist suggests be done. Instead, it should be used in conjunction with whichever treatments are recommended by a healthcare professional.

Before using healing crystals, it’s critical to release any skepticism surrounding the gems. For these to essentially work their magic, you have to let go of any negative energy or worry surrounding the stones.

How Do Crystals Promote Hair Growth?

While there isn’t an exact science that explains how crystals promote hair growth, it has to do with the energies the stones possess.

Crystals work off your body’s energy fields, also known as the chakras. So if you go in with a positive mindset, these stones will work in your favor. If you don’t, they won’t really do much for you other than add some mysticism to your mantle.

Your stands hold a ton of energy, which gives these gemstones something to play off of. Specifically, they work to energize your scalp, which in turn will promote hair growth.

How Do You Use Crystals to Help With Hair Growth?

Here’s where we get into specifics on ways to use crystals for hair growth.

The most important step is to make sure your crystals are as effective as they can be. Before you use them to help your locks, make sure you sage, wash in water, or bathe in sunlight or moonlight to cleanse them prior to their use.

Once they’re good to go, the most common way to use them on your strands is by placing them in a bowl filled with water and leaving them in sunlight or moonlight (this depends on the crystal used). After they’ve been out long enough, you can wash your hair with the crystal-infused water.

Other gemstones can be rubbed directly on the strands, while some require you to hold them and recite a positive mantra dedicated to your locks.

What Are the Best Crystals for Hair Growth?

There are a handful of crystals that have been known to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. We rounded up the top five a variety of crystal-based sites recommended the most.


Moonstone was suggested as the most powerful gem for hair growth by virtually every site. If you’re dealing with thinning strands, this stone adds moisture back into them to prevent further breakage.

It’s recommended to create an elixir by leaving a charged moonstone in clear water under sunlight for about seven hours. Then, add some apple cider vinegar for preservation. When it’s ready, add seven drops to two tablespoons of water and apply directly to your scalp.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz works to absorb any harmful energy that may be damaging your hair. This can mean removing dandruff, taming frizz, and even destroying lice—if it ever came down to it. Your hair will shine in no time with a little help from this stone.

To get the most out of smoky quartz, you’ll want to charge it by reciting your own positive hair-related mantra while holding the gem. This could be anything that comes to you, so don’t think too deeply about it. Chances are you already know what needs to be said.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz works somewhat similarly to smoky quartz, as it also removes impurities in the scalp. It is specifically known to combat dandruff, which can impede hair growth.

You’ll want to use clear quartz by putting it in clear water in a bowl under the sunlight for some time, then using the wash on your locks.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is one heck of a hair protector. Not only does it get rid of dandruff and frizz, but it also adds plenty of nourishment to your tresses. There’s no hair problem a little bit of black onyx can’t solve.

You’ll purify the stone in water and bathe it under the moonlight. Next, you can wash your hair with the gem-infused water to give it the love it needs.

Mookaite Jasper

Last, but not least, we have mookaite jasper. It is known to promote youth, along with aiding in strengthening hair, skin, and nails. This gem can also stimulate new hair growth.

After you’ve purified this stone, rub it on your frizzy strands every day for seven days. You’ll have the hair of a Disney princess in no time.

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