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Cancer Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign

It’s time to get all up in our feelings and embrace our sensitivity because Cancer season is here. The crab’s time in the sun has come and we’re about to all feel incredibly emotional. Before we get too caught up in what’s going on in our heads, we wanted to celebrate all the crabs with a Cancer zodiac sign hair guide. We rounded up the best haircuts, hair colors, hairstyles, and even hair accessories for the zodiac sign. So if you’re a Cancer sun, have other Cancer placements, or know a Cancer, consider this guide the holy grail to all things hair for the water sign.

Best Haircuts for a Cancer

Ruled by the moon, this sign tends to lean into femininity a bit more than most. With everything they do, they want to feel beautiful and comfortable. The same goes for their hair. So when it comes to haircuts, these chops really play into that aspect of a Cancer.

Classic Lob

The lob is a perfect haircut for a Cancer because it’s not too short and not too long. It’ll show off their sweet visage, while also still playing up their feminine nature. Add some curls or waves and any Cancer will be ready for a night out. That is, if they don’t end up canceling to spend the evening in their bed.

Face-Framing Shoulder-Length Cut

Shoulder length tends to be a good length for a Cancer, though they can always go a little bit longer if they prefer. The important thing with this cut is to add some face-framing to highlight their round faces. This can come in the form of bangs or even soft layers, whichever the crab feels most comfortable with.

The Heavy Shag

A take on a grown-out shag haircut, this chop features long, heavy layers to add dimension and depth to the strands. Layers are more than fitting for a Cancer, given they have a lot of layers to their own personality.

Long Hair With Fringe

Longer locks tend to feel a bit more feminine than shorter ones. So for a Cancer, the longer the hair, the more comfortable they feel. Pair it with some light fringe and you’ve got a perfect haircut for a Cancer.

Best Hair Colors for a Cancer

There’s no way this Cancer zodiac sign hair guide would be complete without sharing some hair colors we think are fitting for the crab. We know they crave comfort and familiarity, so we chose some more common shades, though they do have a bit of flair as well.

Smokey Silver

We’re kicking things off with a somewhat unexpected hair color for a Cancer. They tend to stick to traditional hues, but this one taps into their connection to the moon. Plus, less silver can be added for it to be closer to brunette in case they don’t want to go too silver.

Plum Black

A deep shade with a violet tinge, plum black may feel a little bit too dark for a Cancer, but hear us out. This hue will play up their mysterious nature and add a bit of contrast to their sweet disposition.

California Brunette

California brunette is a much more traditional hair color for a Cancer which taps into their water sign nature. When you think of California, you think of sunny beach days. And a Cancer loves spending their days by the water. Plus, this hue will lend itself to the beach waves a Cancer will rock all year long.

Cinnamon Blonde

Cancers are often viewed as being emotional and sensitive, though not in a positive way. Many associate them with being moody, which is fair as they’re represented by the moon, but the sign is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. They can’t help it that they care a lot. All that to say, a warm shade of cinnamon blonde will remind others how endearing the water sign really is. And it will add some warmth on days when a Cancer is feeling low.

Best Hairstyles for a Cancer

A Cancer can be pretty set in their ways, and that also extends to the hairstyles they wear. We wanted to share a few of the best hairstyles for a Cancer that they might not otherwise try. And, of course, one that’s pretty obvious.

Beach Waves

We’re starting off with an obvious hairstyle for Cancer here, but it has to be said that Cancer owns the beach waves. Though they’re not the only water sign, they suit a Cancer best for their deep connection to the ocean. When a Cancer can’t be near a body of water, their hair can help transport them there.

Perfect Middle Part

This is a look that works with any hairstyle for a Cancer, whether it’s a bun or their hair is all-natural. A middle part is perfect for the water sign because of their endearing face. Cancers tend to have a rounder face so a middle part really suits their face shape.

Pamela Anderson Updo

Pamela Anderson’s iconic ’90s hair has been given a modern twist these days. Given she’s also a Cancer, this is a great updo for her fellow water signs.

Romantic Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

The classic half-up half-down look has the zodiac sign written all over it. It works for any occasion and is so easy for a Cancer to recreate, especially on days when they don’t feel like fussing over their hair. Adorn the strands with a bow and the water sign is all set.

Best Hair Accessories for a Cancer

We have to round out our Cancer zodiac sign hair guide with the most important aspect—hair accessories for the crab. Many of these play to their romantic side, while some are a bit more practical.

Hair Bows

A hair bow adds a romantic touch to any hairstyle. So if a Cancer doesn’t already own a few, they need some. And if they have tons, they can always add to their collection.


Because a Cancer feels most at peace by the ocean and they can’t always be by the body of water, adoring their strands with some seashell clips will keep them sane on stressful days.

Sun Hat

For all the time they spend by the ocean, a Cancer needs a reliable sun hat on their head to protect themselves from getting sunburnt.

Padded Headbands

Headbands are a big hair accessory trend these days, with all styles and varieties topping off hairstyles. The padded headband style is great for a Cancer because it’s a bit more romantic. It still holds some practicality in that it can be used to hide their bangs or fringe if they’re tired or annoyed by them.

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